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Welcome to Rhein Fire videos, photos, stories, cheerleader pictures and player portraits such as from Bill Schroeder, Jason Tucker and many other NFL starters.

Jim Tomsula & Fred Jackson

Absolutely large was the excitement among die hard Rhein Fire fans about Fred Jackson's move to a Super Bowl 50 contestant in Seattle and the initial success of Jim Tomsula at the 49ers, who had failed to guide them through a difficult period of refurbishment.

At the same time all eyes were on running back Fred Jackson at the Seattle Seahawks after his great 2014 season at the Buffalo Bills, during which he had added some more 525 yards and two touchdowns to his impressive NFL records.

That's why it would have been the ultimate dream for the Rhein Fire possey to see the Seahawks and the 49ers playing Super Bowl 50. But sadly enough, there were 30 other teams in their way.

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Rhein Fire Super Bowl safeties on video

Chris Akins Patriots

Chris Akins Dallas Cowboys


In season 2004 former Dallas Cowboys safety Chris Akins has won Super Bowl XXXVIII at the Patriots, where he had played in 11 games.

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Anthony Mitchell Ravens

Anthony Mitchell

Safety Anthony Mitchell has won Super Bowl 2000 with the Baltimore Ravens.

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Rhein Fire videos

Guy Mcintyre

Guy Mcintyre 49ers

It had been an honor for the Rhein Fire, to have a true NFL champion like Guy McIntyre around.

He had been on the field for Bill Walsh supporting Joe Montana and Jerry Rice while writing 49ers Football history with 5 Pro-Bowl appearances and 3 Super Bowls.

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Alvin Harper

Photo from Alvin Harper Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys receiver legend Alvin Harper had come to train the Rhein Fire receivers.

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Marques Douglas

Marques Douglas

World Bowl 2000 Champion DT Marques Douglas had earned a Pro-Bowl nomination at the Baltimore Ravens before he went to the 49ers.

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Jamal Robertson

Jamal Robertson

A sad 49ers season 2004 saw the NFL Europe veterans Jamal Robertson, Matt Stanley, Bosley Allen and Richard Yancy.

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James Tuthill

Photo 49ers Kick James Tuthill

Kicker James Tuthill had never really made it at the 49ers until he was moved to the Packers.

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Gio Carmazzi

49ers qb Gio Carmazzi

49ers qb hopeful Gio Carmazzi had played for the Rhein Fire in 2001.
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Rhein Fire GM Sammy Schmale

Rhein Fire GM Sammy Schmale

GM Sammy Schmale gave an introduction to the history of the Rhein Fire talking also about their top receivers Marcus Robinson and Bill Schroeder.


Jim Tomsula and Fred Jackson

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Super Bowl

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G Harvey Dahl

49ers Harvey Dahl
Rhein Fire's 2006 guard Harvey Dahl had been with the 49ers for several years until he went to start for the Rams.

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S Nick Ferguson

Nick Ferguson Denver Broncos
Defense had been a philosophy at Rhein Fire and no surprise, that their World Bowl 2000 champions Michael Early, Marques Dougles and Kelly Gregg had stabilized the Ravens while Nick Ferguson had become one of the best @ the Denver Broncos.

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David Washington

David Washington Rhein Fire
Rhein Fire fans were excited about seeing Denzel Washington's son John David Washington, who had come to the team as their new running back hope.



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