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Denver Broncos Derrick Clark at Rhein Fire

Derrick Clark
Denver Broncos

During his four seasons "Showtime" Derrick Clark had become the most popular Rhein Fire player of all times.

In 1998 he had produced 889 Yards and 6 touchdowns, which took Rhein Fire to the first World Bowl win at Frankfurt Galaxy.

He also became the all time top scorer of the NFL Europe in the same year.

In 1999 Derrick Clark and his team had dusted the Admirals twice and scored the highest win in NFL history in Barcelona against no one less, than Todd Bouman, Lawrence Phillips, Brandon Noble, Mike Maslowski and several other outstanding NFL starters.

By the end of the 99 season Brandon Noble from the Dallas Cowboys had admitted in a video interview that Derrick Clark and Kenny Bynum had played them silly as a 1-2 punch running back duo.

Derrick Clark's room mate running back Kenny Bynum was described by Brandon Noble as a "slash`dash kind of running back" and as almost "unreal".

Also the big qb hope Dameyune Craig and his Claymores got severly grounded but Rhein Fire still couldn`t qualify for the World Bowl though they had played extremely well.

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RB Derrick Clark

Born on April 5 in 1971
College: Evangel College
Height 6-1
Weight 245

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Derrick Clark

RB Derrick Clark


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