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The most prominent Rhein Fire player, who is still playing in the NFL is surely Fred Jackson at the Seahawks.

During the NFL season 2014 he was rushing for more than 500 yards in 14 games for his Buffalo Bills and in 2015 he had even reached the playoffs with the Seattle Seashawks.

Other Rhein Fire top guns were those wide receivers Bill Schroeder, who had a fantastic NFL career at the Packers and the Lions, and Marcus Robinson at the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

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Unfortunately not all of the old photos are matching the quality standards of today as they were produced for 56k modem connections and they were mainly taken from VHS video tapes. Just have a look

Marques Douglas

Photo from Marques Douglas Rhein Fire

At Rhein Fire Marques Douglas had impressed with the World Bowl 2000 win, what had earned him solid roster spots at the Ravens and the 49ers later on.

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Chris Akins

Dallas Cowboys Chris Akins

Dallas Cowboys safety Chris Akins has won the World Bowl 2000 with Rhein Fire and a Super Bowl with the Patriots.

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Danny Wuerffel

Photo Danny Wuerffel Rhein Fire

Rhein Fire QB Danny Wuerffel did win the World Bowl 2000 with his Rhein Fire at Frankfurt Galaxy stadium, but in the NFL he could not get too far.

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Photo from Fred Jackson Rhein Firenext button

RB Fred Jackson

At Rhein Fire Fred Jackson was very much admired by his head coach Jim Tomsula, who had talked about him very positively in a big press conference.

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Rhein Fire top guns

Anthony Mitchell

Photo from Anthony Mitchell Rhein Fire Ravens

Rhein Fire's Anthony Mitchell did win World Bowl 2000, and only a few months later he took also the 2002 Super Bowl with the Ravens. What more can you win as a safety?

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LB Jamal Smith

photo LB Jamal Smith

Linebacker Jamal Smith had been with the Patriots before he went to the Rhein Fire for three seasons.


Born on March 1 in 1980
College: Virginia Tec
Height: 6-1
Weight: 235

Rhein Fire 99

photo Rhein Fire 1999

Kenny Bynum had rushed for 960 yards in 10 games and huge had been the amount of sacks from Tyrone Williams.

And again a very smart performance was shown by Dialleo Burks, who had been an excellent partner for QB Jim Arellanes, who was described by Rhein Fire GM Alex Leibkind as a new hero after his fine match against the Scottish Claymores.

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