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What a fine concert by the Malagasy drummer girls
Photos and video

Will the NFL help Football casualty Chris Brymer?
Story, photos and videos

Sting has a new album, but who is he?
Story and video interview

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His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Chittara, a son of King Norodom Sihanouk is one of the protagonists within a story about live music and 6 American expats in the Kingdom of Wonders.
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Shaggy photo
Incredibly busy and constantly touring around the world at sold out events is good old Shaggy and Reggae fans love him in Italy and wherever Mr. Bombastic is giving concerts.

See the photos and an exclusive video interview

Charlie Webster

Charlie Webster
Charlie Webster does it all. The TV presenter is actively into Boxing, marathon, charities, La Liga, racing and she knows David Beckham and Mourinho.

Video interview & photos

Music videos

Jason Reece Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead

While touring Cambodia Jason Reece from the American Rock Band "Trail of Dead" had briefly talked about Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama.

What would now be his comment on Donald Trump?
Live concert video with interviews and photos

African music videos

African Party

Internet TV from Africa with videos from Nana Tuffour and real African party culture inside our African music channel

Watch a Ghana Highlife Party
Video 1 | Video 2

Country channels

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka movie

Sri Lanka, a land like no other! That is the Island's famous marketing slogan and here's the real Sri Lanka in 60 minutes - a fast rush through indeed, a land like no other.
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Tsunami Sri Lanka

Tsunami in Sri Lanka. See the aftermath and listen to survivors, who were in jeopardy.
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Models in Phuket

Model party on a yacht in Phuket.
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Boy George

Boy George
Phuket saw an exciting performance by DJ Boy George and in his interview he came up with some remarkable approaches.

Here's Boy George

Graffiti Arts

Graffiti wall Hamburg
Interesting to hear, what various people are thinking about Graffiti. Here's a line of VIP statements and comments combined with pictures from Graffiti walls in various countries.

The Graffiti arts channel

Gary Stretch

Gary Stretch
The UK's former middle weight world boxing champ is an outstanding character with tremendous abilities, which took him to impressive roles in Oliver Stone's Alexander and other top movies. Gary Stretch has also assisted his buddy Mickey Rourke on his way into the ring.

Photos, story and video interview

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