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Jeff Ogden
WR Dolphins, Cowboys

In 1999 Jeff Ogden had played in all matches for the Cowboys for 12 receptions for 144 yards plus 12 Kickoff returns for 256 yards.

The World Bowl 2000 Triumph and having worked with Rhein Fire special WR Coach Mike Jones had surely been a great experience for the Seattle Man, who later went to run for the Dolphins, Mike Quinn and Chan Galey.

Jeff Ogden was one of the best receivers, who has ever played in the NFLE and in only 8 games he had produced 44 catches for 635 yards + 7 TDs.

@ the Dolphins he became the all-time best punt returner with an average of 13.7 yards.

At the World Bowl Jerry Jones had been one of the first on the field to congratulate and in a TV interview for SAT1 he said, that the Cowboys consider Jeff Ogden as an important player for season 2000. History !

The 7 TDs in addition showed his talent and precision, that had helped to push his the Rhein Fire into the World Bowl, where he had competed again with his CB mate Duane Hawthorne, whom he had considered to be one of the toughest in the League.

photo Jeff Ogden Cowboys Dolphins

Jeff Ogden Cowboys Dolphins

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Jeff Ogden @ World Bowl 2000
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photo Jeff Ogden Cowboys Dolphins

Jeff Ogden Dallas Cowboys

After his NFL Europe stint Jeff Ogden became one of those players, that the Cowboys had dumped before they became a success at other teams.

Chris Akins and Keith Adams had even reached a Super Bowl after they got cut in Dallas.

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photo Jeff Ogden Dallas Cowboys

WR Jeff Ogden

College: Texas State
Born on February 2, 1975
Weight: 195
Height: 6-1


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