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Latest Chinese NFL Horoscope

Dr. Wu's Chinese NFL Horoscope

NFL fans love statistics and here are some fairly shocking stats based on the individual birth years of all head coaches.

For example, all those 68 NFL head coaches, who were born in the years of the Pig, Monkey, Tiger and Horse have only won one single Super Bowl in 50 years.

Over the same period the two leading sign groups of the Goat and Dragon have won 21 Super Bowls at 30 appearances.

So, if you were a team owner, from which sign group would you want to hire :-)

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1 lonesome Monkey

Chinese Horoscope Michael Schumacher

Monkeys like Michael Schumacher have never played a role in the NFL on head coach and Eagles' Doug Pederson has continued their almost unique 51 years of Super Bowl failure.

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2 Dragons

Chinese Horoscope Paul Tagliabue Dragon

Head coch Bruce Arians has flopped in 2016 but the big Bill Belichik has won his 5th Super Bowl with Snake Tom Brady and his Dragon duo Blunt and Hogan.

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4 Horses 0 chances

Chinese Horoscope Troy Aikman Horse

Championships were won by Troy Aikman but once again the 4 Horse year born head coaches could not lead the Dolphins, Jags and Lions into Super Bowl as well as Jason Garrett at the Dallas Cowboys.

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3 Rats

Chinese Horoscope Mike Jones Rat

Super Bowl 50 wasn't in reach for Chuck Pagano, Mike McCoy and Mike Tomlin and now the Steelers were kept out of Super Bowl by 3 Dragon TDs from Patriots LaGarette Blunt and Chris Hogan.

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1 passionate Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Rooster Gibran Hamden

Houston Texans Bill O'Brien was the only Rooster on head coach and his chances for winning Super Bowl could have been great on February 5 in the year of the Fire Rooster.

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Top Snakes

Chinese Horoscope Snake Clint Stoerner

After 4 Super Bowl wins and a Bill Parcells and Don Shula the Snake year born head coaches only has only Ben McAdoo at the Giants in the race for Super Bowl 51.

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Super Bowl 50

And in 2016 we saw the very first Super Bowl in history with two head coaches clashing, that were born under the same Chinese symbol, what has given the Oxen 2 more names on their success charts with now 6 wins at 12 appearances.
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The Super Bowl 51 head coaches

Six of the 19 Super Bowl winning NFL teams have hired head coaches, that were born in a year of the Rabbit and 12 from all 32 positions are filled by Dogs & Rabbits.

Super Bowl Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Jermaine Chaney Ox

Panthers' Ron Rivera was once lucky to have "top Snake" Cam Newton on the field and now Jack Del Rio and the Raiders have left the race for Super Bowl 51.

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No friendly Pigs

Chinese Horoscope Roger Goodell Pig

Unpopular have further remained the head coaches who will have to wait at least for another year. But as shown by Roger Goodell, they can progress to the commissioner's chair.

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2 creative Goats

Chinese Horoscope Jim Tomsula

Leaders in Super Bowl wins remain the Goats with 11 titles scored by not only by Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson and Chuck Noll while Jay Gruden and John Fox have missed the playoffs like before Jim Tomsula.

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6 Dogs in the race

Chinese Horoscope Dog Brian Baldinger

In the race for Super Bowl 51 were 6 Dog year born head coaches of which Dan Quinn has lost the Super Bowl with his Falcons, who were already leading with 25 points.

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6 Rabbits on the case

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit Jake Delhomme

Champion Pete Carroll is one of those seven Rabbit year born head coaches, who were in the race for Super Bowl 51 besides the other champ Mike McCarthy and both have made it into the playoffs.

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2 Tigers

Chinese Horoscope Tiger Jack Bicknell

Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh and Bills Rex Ryan were the 2 Tigers in the race for Super Bowl 51 and their chances had been once again very slim.

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Dragon head coaches shine

The currently perhaps most recognized head coach in the NFL seems to be Bill Belichik from the Dragon sign group, which ranks on 2 with 10 Super Bowl wins thanks to Mike Shanahan and Joe Gibbs.

But also the NFL Europe has been pretty much dominated by three impressive "Dragon head coaches" with Peter Vaas, Dick Curl and Galen Hall, who have won some astonishing five World Bowls in a row from 1998 until 2002.

Peter Vaas

Photo from head coach Peter Vaas

With Berlin Thunder Peter Vaas has reached three World Bowls, from which two were won from an underdog position.

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Galen Hall

Photo from head coach Galen Hall

Also Rhein Fire's Galen Hall has reached three World Bowls, from which two were won at the stadium of rival Frankfurt Galaxy.


Dick Curl

Photo from head coach Dick Curl

Dick Curl has won World Bowl 99 with the Frankfurt Galaxy against the powerful Barcelona Dragons.


The Rat sign group

Mike Jones

Photo from head coach Mike Jones

Mike Jones did win his first two World Bowls as receiver coach under "Dragon" Galen Hall. And later with Frankfurt Galaxy he won World Bowl 2006 before he lost the final in 2007 against the Hamburg Seas Devils.


The Monkey sign group

Doug Graber

head coach Douglas Graber

Doug Graber could win the World Bowl one time with Frankfurt Galaxy in 2003.


The Dog sign group

head coach Bart Andrus

Bart Andrus has won World Bowl 2005 with his Amsterdam Admirals.


The Tiger sign group

Jack Bicknell

head coach Jack Bicknell

Jack Bicknell has won World Bowl 1997 with his Barcelona Dragons.



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