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well, web62.com is hard to explain :-)


Long before youtube we had been delivering loads of streaming videos to folks from all around the globe inspired by the simple idea of creating


Internet TV



A screenshot tour to find out, what others did write about us has been removed from public access for privacy reasons.


Sorry for that, but if you want to know more about it ... just use the Contact form



Apart from that, web62.com Internet TV has been based on incredible contributions by capable people and institutions from all over the world.


Some CreditZ for this webcast


Always on No.1 will be DV CAM Expert AJ for massive initial contribution until 2004 followed by TJ, the incredible IT Serverbrain at www.juriga.com



additional content creators

Carl McDonald from Jamaica and Miami

Casper from the Netherlands

Chan from China

Li Bin from China

Conny Hudalla from Germany

Christian from us-sports.eu

Dr. W from Brazil

Elisa from Austria

Robert from Germany

Thomas Ley from Germany

Uli Boge from Costa Rica

Jean Michel at fashionfotos

Realityshock Records

and many many more


Long term corporate media relations with institutions and clients from all over the world


Massive respect goes out to the NFL, Absolute World and Manfred Kronen, the and former CEO and owner the of IGEDO Company


It architecture / security / servers / scripts


membership security