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Meanwhile the video channel at youtube is showing more than 800 videos that were produced by web62.com teams in various countries around the globe.

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The War in Iraq

Branford Marsalis

America`s top Saxophone player Branford Marsalis had not been amused and had called it a fake war caused by limited understanding and poor education.
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If I could change the world

Over the years many people were asked, what they would like to change in this world if they could do something with just a snap of their fingers.

And Shaggy suggested to get a rid of all borders and visas, and that we should start caring about what is going on over the world.

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Charlie Webster and Mark Newham

Thoughtful reflections on the War in Iraq come from UK's Charlie Webster and former Xinhua advisor and reporting journalist Mark Newham, whose new book "Limp Pigs" draws on exclusive insider experience on the great changing-China myth. Check out his cute website and
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Francis Rossi Status Quo

Francis Rossi from the band Status Quo had talked about his feelings concerning the war in Iraq alongside Chris Padfield from the Welsh Rugby Union and Brandon Carver.
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Manfred Kronen photo

Manfred Kronen had been the owner of one of the largest Fashion Trade fairs in the world and thoughtful had been the comment of a well traveled International business man, who had been connecting to all cultures including the Middle East.
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If I could change the world

If i could change the world

BBC DJ legend David Rodigan had called it a "magic want" and a growing line of videos are featuring the ideas and wishes of people in Barbados, New York, Ghana, Asia, NFL activists, fashion gurus and many celebrities.

Watch a video with wishes from Shaggy, Phil Tufnell, Mark Newham and many others.

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Common sense

5 minutes common sense
Killing for this and killing for that ... How many seem to have forgotten about the meaning of common sense. Certainly none of those inside these videos.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Graffiti Arts

Graffiti wall in Hamburg
Interesting to learn, what people from around the world are thinking about Graffiti. Here's a line of remarkable VIP statements and comments combined with videos from Graffiti walls in various countries.

Have a look at the Graffiti arts channel

Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen photo
Former Sylvester Stallone's wife and actress Brigitte Nielsen had impressed on a German Catwalk.

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Milkshake Unawatuna

Mikshake in Sri Lanka
Milkshake had been my name and I was a happy Sri Lankan Dog until some tourist had taken me to busy main road.

Before life was good in Unawatuna Bay and this video will remind all my friends of Milkshake on the beach.

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The Fashion channel

Photo from Dior Lingerie

Dior Lingerie show

Back in the days of John Galliano The House of Dior had shown some spectacular lingerie at the CPD.

Lingerie Show Video

DKNY Calvin Klein Lingerie
Fashion Show Video

Slava Zaitsev Moscow
Fashion Show Video

Fashion Show Video

Olga Samoschenko
Fashion Show Video

The Music channel

Photo from Jason Reece Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead

Jason Reece from the American Rock Band "Trail of Dead" had talked about Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama. What would now be his comment on the most popular Republican candidate Donald Trump?

Live concert videos with interviews, photos

The African channel

Photo from an African Party

Internet TV from Africa with videos from Nana Tuffour and African party culture inside our African music channel

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The Country channels


Sri Lanka movie

Sri Lanka, a land like no other ! That is the Island's famous marketing slogan. Here's the real Sri Lanka in 60 minutes - a fast rush through indeed, a land like no other.
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Tsunami aftermath in Sri Lanka

Tsunami in Sri Lanka. See the aftermath and listen to survivors in jeopardy.
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Photo Bryan Lunt on Golf in Phuket

Golf in Phuket
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Beachwear models party on a yacht in Phuket
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