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Rhein Fire head coaches

Galen Hall
Rhein Fire head coach

In season 2000 journalists had asked for mercy and less dramatic games, but Galen Hall recommended to better get prepared for even closer results.

But after the season the big coach of the NFL Europe had left for his Orlando Rage hometown team to join the XFL.

With 2 titles in 3 years and a third one only prevented by former Giants QB Mike Cherry, Galen Hall had turned out as a true champion coach, who had even found work @ the Dallas Cowboys.

Considering his great work with Derrick Clark, Kenny Bynum and Pepe Pearson, the Boyz had found a fine new running back coach with some great humor and a lot of winning spirit.

photo Rhein Fire Head coach Galen Hall

Head coach Galen Hall

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Photo from alen Hall

Head coach Galen Hall



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