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"... is becoming a mass culture in China"

So said the president of China's National Textile Industry Council, Du Yu Zhou back in 2003 to the global fashion industry while pointing at his home market.

Du Yu Zhou

Du Yu Zhou from China

Video interview

One has to imagine a population of over 1,3 billion people and fast rising living standards just like in Japan a few decades ago, where a mixture of Eastern and Western fashion culture has emerged.

Meanwhile the Olympic Games have helped to strengthen China`s position within the family of nations, for which the biggest population in the world will keep on providing a lot of valuable contributions in their low cost factories.

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China Fashion

Business in China

Since 1995 trade fair experts from the IGEDO COMPANY have been building ties between China and Europe.

For a first time a selected group of 11 leading Chinese brands had attended the cpd trade fair back in 2003, where the President of the China National Textile Industry Council, Du Yu Zhou, explained recent developments in an exclusive interview.

Also the Managing Director of the IGEDO COMPANY, Gerald Boese had been excited about enormous future prospects.

11 leading Chinese brands with revenues of more than $1 billion and up to 700 stores in China are now focusing on cooperation with members of the European textile industry.

Cutting edge facilities and a solid financial background combined with a great interest in international cooperation are some of the outstanding aspects, that may encourage more western companies to look out for Chinese partners.

Market outlook

On the one hand, a very competitive Chinese Fashion Industry will surely make an impact on Western markets once products and styling will become competitive.

Until then China is likely to import more quality items from Europe to feed the demand of middle and upper class.

 1.3 billion Chinese are ready to explore the Western world of fashion brands.

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Igedo MD Gerald Boese

Gerald Boese Igedo Company

In his video interview Gerald Boese is describing the Chinese fashion market and industry, which is offering large opportunities to Western companies.

Video interview


photo Hararld Hochheimer

One of the leading insiders of the German Fashion industry is Harald Hochheimer, who gave an in-depth analysis of the impact of Chinese industry and markets.

Video interview

CEO Manfred Kronen Igedo Company

Manfred Kronen

Producing and selling in China" was suggested by IGEDO COMPANY`s CEO Manfred Kronen already back in the year 2000 as an ultimate opportunity for western fashion companies.

But not all had gotten that message and have failed to reach out for the biggest consumer fashion market of all times.

Video interview

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Dessous China

photo Lingerie Dessous Fashion Show in China

Finest lingerie was shown at the "Dessous Shanghai" Fashion trade fair, which is the leading one in China.

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Fashion from China

photo Fashion from China

For the Chinese brands the CPD trade fair had been a first platform for presenting their products and services to western buyers.

Fashion from China

Fashion from China

Countless cameras were in action, when future strategies and incredible facts & figures were revealed by President Du Yu Zhou and Igedo MD Gerald Boese.

Fashion in China

Fashion in China

Exports and imports with China have been sky rocketing over the last decade and back in the days the former Igedo Company CEO Manfred Kronen had clearly announced, how this will affect Europe and the rest of the world.


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