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Here's the first outlook on the 2014 Year of the Horse
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Chinese Horoscope 2014 Horse in the Year of the Horse

Chinese Horoscope 2014 for the Year of the Horse by Dr. W

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Chinese Symbol Horse
Chinese Symbol Horse


... the Life of a Horse ... the hardest workers

In China they say, that the Horse does always find his way home, what may explain their tremendous role in global politics.

Back in the 2008 Rat Year Nelson Mandela successor Thabo Mbeki got replaced by Jacob Zuma, the third consecutive Horse President of South Africa.

Germany saw 3 Chancellors with Schmidt, Kohl and Merkel covering 30 years of leadership.


Horses in the limelight


David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Enrico Letta, Angela Merkel, Erdogan, Hugo Chávez, Joe Biden, Condoleeza Rice, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Janet Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Costner, Caroline Wozniacki, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Troy Aikman, Brian Baldinger, Bernie Ecclestone, Alexander Lukaschenko, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Roman Abramovich ... more Horses


Horse Videos

Tristano Onofri, David Gant, Willy Bogner


Ideal Partners for the Horse


Rooster, Pig and Dragon are the most obvious candidates, but there are also several other interesting options.

All Details


Horse Character


The most popular symbol in Germany and Russia.

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Horse Blog


Latest Horse news


Horse News

David Gant

Hollywood Star David Gant had a fine 2012 with his movie Outpost: Black Sun.



Chinese Horoscope for the Horse in the Year of the Horse 2014

Horses rule most of Europe by being the country leaders in France, England, Germany, Italy as well as in Egypt and Turkey.

Here's the general outlook on the 2014 Horse year.


Horse News

Petra Kvitova has won her second Wimbledon title against Dog Eugenie Bouchard.

Lou Reed and Nelson Mandela have died.

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is getting tried for tax fraud and corruption at a Munich court in Germany.


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Horoscope for the Horse in the 2014 year of the Horse

Everything looks great for the Horses, who have grown very big already in the Snake Year by dominating European politics.

Obviously, the Horses can't get much higher on the fortune scale and their big year 2014 will see them peaking, before the following years of the Goat and Monkey will be bringing some big changes.

That's why the Horses will be having a great chance to consolidate and to prepare solidly for their next years.

Certainly it will be a great time to become more creative and to ask for a higher salary or to look out for new job opportunities.

Horses should not be shy at all in 2014, as the word belongs to them.

Now or never is the word, and especially the Horse ladies should also be looking out for a more fulfilling love life.


  Latest Trends
1 Rat +++
2 Snake +++
3 Pig ++
4 Horse ++
5 Dragon ++
6 Monkey ++
7 Rabbit ++
8 Tiger ++
9 Goat +
10 Buffalo +
11 Rooster +
12 Dog +

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Celebrity Horses
Trends for all Chinese Symbols
Dragon Rabbit Tiger

Dragons like Putin have been facing many challenges in recent times.

Some Rabbits had an awful year like Formula 1 champ Sebastian Vettel while Novak Djokovic has come out well.


Fairly unexpected the Tigers had a very mixed year of the Horse while the year of the Goat may now bring some fantastic periods.

Buffalo Rat Pig

Buffaloes like Wayne Rooney and Barack Obama have been facing great challenges.


Rats had been the stars of 2014 with German football coach Juergen Loew winning the World Cup while Lewis Hamilton took the Formula 1 title and Martin Kaymer a leadership role in Golf.

The Pigs are certainly some of the favorites for the 2015 Goat year and some of them will remember a great 2014.

Dog Rooster Monkey

Dogs had not been able to impress in recent months.


Serena Williams took it all and also 2014 will see Rooster in full swing.


Monkeys had some glory moments, but during the transition to the Goat year they seem to be fairly disorientated.

GoatHorse Snake

The Horse Year had not been a very good one for most Goats who need to get ready for their big year.

Most of Europe is run by Horse leaders and 2014 is their peak year with a strong Merkel and Erdogan.


2014 saw a few Snakes being extremely unlucky, while some had come out very well.


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