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Barcelona Dragons

Barcelona Dragons Head Coach Jack Bicknell
Head Coach Jack Bicknell

Explore the story of Jack Bicknell and the Barcelona Dragons on photos and real videos from 1998 - 2003 inside this newly developing Football Magazine

Jack Bicknell had a great time in Sitges, near Barcelona from where he had to move to the Scottish Claymores and the Hamburg Sea Devils.

NFL top guns like Brandon Noble and Mike Maslowski from the Kansas City Chiefs had gotten inspired in his football school and many NFL teams have benefited from his work.

Jack Bicknell video interviews and story


Brian Finneran
WR Brian Finneran

Brian Finneran had been a key player for the Barcelona Dragons in 1999.

Videos and photos


Barcelona Dragons Maslowski Mike
LB Mike Maslowski

LB Mike Maslowski had emerged as a solid force at the Kansas City Chiefs.

Videos and photos

Lawrence Phillips

RB Lawrence Phillips

His team mates, Jack Bicknell and also his wife had liked Lawrence Phillips a lot during season 1999 and later Galaxy head coach Mike Jones had added that a family atmosphere such as at the Dragons can be very beneficial for certain players.

But at the 49ers Lawrence Phillips went wild and later he had opted for 10 years in jail.

Videos, photos and story


More Football Videos inside the Barcelona Dragons Channel

Barcelona Dragons videos


Welcome to 4 years


of Barcelona Dragons coverage with videos, photos, stories and player profiles.

Back in 2002 the Barcelona Dragons story had come to a sudden end when the NFL had decided to replace them with a new chapter, the Cologne Centurions.

So now this site will remind of many great Barcelona Dragons games with fine NFL players, who had a nice time in Sitges, where they enjoyed superb hospitality and many wonderful fans.


Todd Bouman
QB Todd Bouman

World Bowl 1999 had seen QB Todd Bouman with the Barcelona Dragons and more recently he had returned to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010.

In fact, World Bowl 1999 with the amazing Lawrence Phillips had been a huge event for the Barcelona Dragons, which also Peter Vaas had enjoyed to remember.

Videos and photos


Dragons Videos


Brandon Noble Dallas Cowboys

Barcelona Dragons LB Brandon Noble had come from the Dallas Cowboys from where he went to the Redskins.

Now he is the Omaha Nighthawks`defensive line coach.

Videos, photos & story


Jarious Jackson videos and photos

The Barcelona Dragons 2001 had Denver Broncos QB Jarious Jackson on the field.

Videos and photos


Tyrone Smith Real Video



John Beake

Former Denver Broncos GM John Beake had always looked after the Dragons.

Video interviews and photos


Barcelona Dragons game videos

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 2001 Real Video

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 2000 Real Video

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 1999 Real Video

World Bowl Videos


more from the Barcelona Dragons


 Barcelona Dragons


Jack Bicknell

Brandon Noble
Brian Finneran
Calvin Branch
Chartric Darby
James Ritchey
Jarious Jackson
Lawrence Phillips
Melvin Tuten
Mike Green
Mike Maslowski
Nate Wayne
Todd Bouman
Tony Graziani
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