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Back in 2002 the Barcelona Dragons story had come to a sudden end when the NFL had decided to replace them with a new chapter called the Cologne Centurions.

Meanwhile these pages remind of many great Barcelona Dragons games with many fine NFL players, who had a nice time in Sitges, where they enjoyed superb Catalonian hospitality and many wonderful fans.

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Denver Broncos' Jarious Jackson

Photo from Jarious Jackson Denver Broncos Barcelona Dragons

QB Jarious Jackson had been the starting quarterback at the Barcelona Dragons during season 2001, which was crowned by a World Bowl berth.

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Brandon Noble

Photo from Alvin Harper Dallas Cowboys

Barcelona Dragons LB Brandon Noble had come from the Dallas Cowboys, from where he went to the Redskins.

Meanwhile he is the Omaha Nighthawks`defensive line coach.

Pre-game World Bowl 1999

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Head coach Jack Bicknell

Photo from an African Party

Barcelona Dragons head coach Jack Bicknell had created something like a family atmosphere down in sunny Spain, where the players had lovely beaches and probably the best food from all the NFL Europe teams.

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Joe Jermaine

Joe Jermaine St. Louis Rams

Barcelona Dragons quarterback Joe Germaine has won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams.

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Barcelona Dragons

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 2001
Game video

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 2000
Game video

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 1999
Game video

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Barcelona Dragons World Bowl 1999

World Bowl 1999 had seen QB Todd Bouman alongside WR Brian Finneran who both might be well remembered by a champion head coach Peter Vaas.

Also Lawrence Phillips was well remembered for his superb performance and his team mates, Jack Bicknell and also his wife had liked him a lot.

Later Galaxy head coach Mike Jones had explained, that a family atmosphere like at the Dragons can be very beneficial for certain players.

But at the 49ers Lawrence Phillips went wild and later he had opted for a life in jail.

Lawrence Phillips videos, photos and story

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Super Bowl

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Todd Bouman

photo Todd Bouman

Barcelona Dragons quarterback Todd Bouman had a long career in the NFL after his season in Europe.

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Tony Simmons

Tony Simmons Barcelona Dragons

Several NFL teams had hired wide receiver Tony Simmons such as the Giants, Colts and Patriots.


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Mike Maslowski

Mike Maslowski Barcelona Dragons

Kansas City Chiefs' Mike Maslowski had almost won the World Bowl with the Barcelona Dragons.

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