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The BBC and other media sources are warning of travels to the UAE where irrational prosecution has sentenced a UK tourist to 4 years in prison after Dubai customs had spotted 0.003g cannabis stuck to his shoe. Also the possession of pain killers and other ordinary medicine is triggering lengthy jail sentences.

Turkey is now offering separate beaches for Muslims and on Creta islanders have demonstrated against vandalizing young British tourists who enjoy drinking, fighting and fornicating in the streets at night.

Ryanair sold 1 million tickets for 1 cent with all taxes and fees covered.

The U.S. Travel industry suffers from a steady decline after Sep 11 since more and more foreign tourists feel widely discouraged from aggressive immigration officers and up to 8 hours of waiting.

Travel Videos

Trumpet on Times Square

Trumpet player in New York

Listen to a philosopher and trumpet player in New York.

Video & photos

Sri Lanka movie

Photo from the Sri Lanka movie

The real Sri Lanka in 60 minutes - a land like no other.

Paris in fall

Eiffel Tower Paris

Here`s photos from the fall in romantic Paris and a video with Place de Pigalle bar singer legend Pierre Carre.



Brazil Internet TV

Photos and videos from Brazil. See the Carnival in Rio and the Amazon River with the Rio Negro in Manaus.


More Travel videos

Eco Luxury Holidays at The Racha

Malaysia Tourism & Investment

Hospitality & Travel Show Phuket
See the video

Turtle Funk
Fun Video

Haputale Love Sri Lanka

Travel links exceptional Travel Blog for East Asia

Travel stories

Sri Lanka is expecting more wealthy tourists.
Videos, photos & stories

More and more Chinese girls are coming now to Thailand.
Video and photos

Travelling to the United States has become strenuous.
Photos and videos

More and more and traveling to Myanmar. Photos and story


Malaysia Travels
Nearly 25 million tourists, Formula 1 and Air Asia are only some of the impressive facts about Malaysia that were revealed by Tourism Board Director Mohd Fami Nordin.

Videos & story


New York

New York
Enjoy videos, interviews, photos and music from around Times Square in New York.




Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand
Watch the Ratrijazztaurant and a chill out video from the Khai Islands in Phuket, Thailand. Photos and videos from Thailand.

See two inspiring Khai Islands videos
Chill out video and the Speedboat tour video


South Africa

Arjan from South Africa
Arjan from South Africa had talked about going out in Johannesburg, the weather, the vibes in the Football stadiums and the expectations around the FIFA World Cup.




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