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Saints Darnell Dinkins at Rhein Fire

Darnell Dinkins
New Orleans Saints

After his great 2002 season in Europe Darnell Dinkins had crowned his NFL career with a Super Bowl ring, which he had scored with the Saints in 2010.

79 games for 30 receptions, 250 yards and 4 touchdowns had had gone into the books for him and his year at the Cleveland Browns from 2006 until 2008 had brought the most playing time.

His years at the New Yprk Giants were overshadowed by injury problems, but at least he had been on 9 games.

Meanwhile Darnell Dinkins is working at Rutgers University as a Tight ends coach.


photo Darnell Dinkins

Darnell Dinkins

College: Pittsburgh
born on January 20, 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Height 6-4
Weight 260

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