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Year of the Horse 2014

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 Chinese Horoscope 2014 year of the Horse  


Learn about your life with the latest trends for your Chinese Symbol in the 20134 Year of the Horse with the Chinese Horoscope from Dr. Wu

Find out more about yourself, the people around you and your best options for dating and relationship.

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What is it ?

The Chinese Horoscope is built on 4.000 years of observation and learning.

That's why the Chinese Astrology provides solid background information about life, fortune, trends and the potentials of love, dating, romance, relationship, partners and friendship.

Dr. Wu`s Chinese Horoscope is illustrated on celebrity Horses like Troy Aikman, Mike Tyson, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Erdogan, Paul McCartney.

And simply by monitoring what is going on in the lives of for example the VIP Tigers it is certainly possible, to analyze current cosmic fate for Tigers.

Of course, life is not that easy to comprehend as the Chinese Astrology goes far deeper than just the day and hour of your birth.

But most obviously, even the surface of the Chinese Astrology can reveal a lot.

Just check it out for yourself.




So when dating your next lover, the Chinese Horoscope can give you an idea of what your partner could be like.

In fact the Chinese Horoscope can often explain the reasons for success or failure in love, relationships and business.

The Chinese Horoscope and Astrology are built on experience which reveals fascinating background information to let us know if high risk or utter pleasure can be expected.



The Horse Year 2014


Goats and Rabbits have become the first big time losers of the year of the Horse while Rooster, Dogs and Tigers have started very well.

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The Snake Year 2013

The two Pigs Eric Snowden and Julian Assange have teamed up with Goat Glenn Greenwald and exquisite Guardian Chief Editor Snake Alan Rusbridger to change the world and to become a nightmare for Buffalo Obama and his obidient Euro Horses Cameron, Hollande, Letta, Merkel and Erdogan.

The Euro and Dollar Crisis

With most of the European countries close to bankruptcy the year 2013 could become a disaster for the financial world. Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and Italy are in total jeopardy and a domino impact is likely to be happening soon.


The Dragon Year


Super Bowl 2013

3 Rabbits at the 49ers have reached the Super Bowl where qb Colin Kaepernick, Ray Lewis and head coach Jim Harbaugh will challenge Ravens` Tiger coach John Harbaugh with Buffalo qb Joe Flacco.


Election time in the US

had been for Buffalo Barack Obama and the Pigs Mitt Romney & Todd Akin and Rooster Ryan had lost as badly as Rooster David Patraeus with his sexy Rat fling Paula Broadwell.

Barack Obama


The Dragon Oscars


2 Rats and 2 Goats were a sensation with The Artist. Read More


Many Rabbits had started very well into the year of the Dragon. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova had impressed at the Australian Open and even golden oldie Brigitte Nielsen made Queen of the Jungle in Germany.

Sad is the end of Rabbit Whitney Houston.


Super Bowl 2012

as predicted, Dragon coach Bill Belichick had completed his cycle of 12 years at the Patriots with having played the 2012 Dragon Super Bowl against Dog Tom Coughlin with the Giants who had become the champions around MVP qb Monkey Eli Manning.



The Rabbit year saw Rabbits rule!


All born in the same year of the Rabbit are ATP Tennis No.1 Novak Djokovic, the Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Lionel Messi, the by far most expensive soccer player in the world and Tiger Woods the best earning man in Sports and Maria Sharapova with the ladies at almost $30 million in 2011.

In addition Rabbit Angelina Jolie is the most expensive actress in the world, Johnny Depp the top actor and Rabbit Carlos Slim the richest Man in the world!


Wikileaks Pig Julian Assange had been the man of the year 2011.

That was the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.


Loads of catastrophes and ruined lives around the planet and BP Oil Rooster Tony Hayward as probably the loser of the year, perhaps followed by Barack Obama who might fall over the BP oil spill and the financial crisis.



Enjoy the Chinese Horoscope from Dr. Wu for continues monitoring ... more

  Latest Trends
1 Rat +++
2 Snake +++
3 Pig ++
4 Horse ++
5 Dragon ++
6 Monkey ++
7 Rabbit ++
8 Tiger ++
9 Goat +
10 Buffalo +
11 Rooster +
12 Dog +

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