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Rhein Fire coaches

Ed O`Neill
Rhein Fire coach

Linebacker Ed O`Neill got signed by the Detroit Lions in the first round and as the eighth player overall in the 1974 NFL Draft.

So no surprise, that the Lions are still his favorite NFL Team after 88 games on the field.

And with a wife from Motor City the energetic Linebackers Coach might perhaps bring back to the Lions some valuable NFLE contacts and experience.

Several years with "King Curl" at Galaxy and a short stint at Rhein Fire must have given him a lot of what the real football coaches are made of.

His mission at Fire had been tricky with a complete new coaching team around Pete Kukarchek who had taken over from Galen Hall.

Back in season 2000 the Galaxy had started into with severe losses that may have killed a lot of their confidence early and at Fire a smart block had turned the tide so that Ed O`Neil`s last appearance had ended with a disaster for his long time team.

And when Pete Kuharchek had left the Rhein Fire also Ed O'Neill had made a move back to the Galaxy.

In the video interview he had talked about Dick Curl, the Galaxy and other things that relate to his passion and most favored game.

Ed O`Neill

Ed O`Neill

Ed O`Neill video


Ed O`Neill

Coach Ed O`Neill

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