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Since several years the NFL Europe party has been over, but still there are loads of fans, who can't believe, that their League has vanished.

In particular in Germany the amount of die hard fans is still enormous at Frankfurt Galaxy, Rhein Fire and also the Sea Devils, who had written an impressive success story within a very short space of time.

Interesting now to have a look back and to listen to the words of the NFL executives Paul Tagliabue, Doug Quinn and John Beake and their former visions, plans and strategies for the NFL Europe and to reflect on what has gone wrong to trigger the end of the League.

Certainly there still seems to be a potential in London while also Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin might still have enough juice to compete for a spot inside a new Europe League.

At their final stage the losses of the NFL Europe were named at around $30 per annum and one may wonder, why it hasn't been possible to raise such a fairly low sum from sponsors, broadcasters and NFL team owners.

However, one has to note, that in the end it had almost been an NFL Germany League with only the Admirals justifying the name, what has obviously taken a lot away from the Leagues' international flair.

Also the setup of the Cologne Centurions could have been a bit much for a small region, which already had the Fire and the Galaxy covering the region well enough.

Frankfurt Galaxy banner


Under sportive aspects the NFL Europe had certainly been a tremendous success when looking at the amount of terrific players, who had grown significantly during their NFL Europe campaigns.

Kurt Warner, Todd Bouman, Brad Johnson, Aaron Stecker, Fred Jackson, Brandon Noble and so on. Simply a long line of remarkable careers, during which the overseas experience had paid off well for the players and their teams.

So let's hope, that the NFL might readjust their views on Europe, where some more focused and creative management could easily launch six flourishing franchises, which would all benefit from the nowadays much more advanced media options.

Barcelona Dragons banner

Barcelona Dragons

Many great NFL players have played for the Barcelona Dragons, where head coach Jack Bicknell had done a fantastic job.

See the photos and videos

Cologne Centurions

Cologne Centurions

Peter Vaas had been the first head coach of the Cologne Centurions.

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Hamburg Sea Devils banner

Hamburg Sea Devils

The last established NFL Europe team were the Hamburg Sea Devils.

Photos and videos


World Bowl photos and videos

Photo from the World Bowl

World Bowl Fever

Each of the NFL Europe seasons had six teams that were playing 10 game days after which the two leaders were gunning for the World Bowl, which had been televised live into the U.S. With also many NFL and show celebrities in the hosting arena or stadium.

Have a look back at several years of World Bowl coverage

Nick Halling Fox sports

Photo from Nick Halling Fox Sports

Football fans in Europe and in the U.S. are connecting Fox Sports top presenter and analyst Nick Halling with several years of finest coverage from the NFL Europe.

Photos and video interviews

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

Photo from NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue

Have a look and listen to the visions and plans of former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Photos and video interview

John Beake

Photo from John Beake

For ages John Beake had been with the Denver Broncos and his knowledge and network had helped the NFL Europe teams a lot.

Photos and video interview

VP Doug Quinn

Doug Quinn NFL

Much of the NFL Europe development was overlooked by NFL Vice President International Doug Quinn, who had brought in his former player experience.

Watch a line of video interviews, that describe the development of the NFL Europe League.

Photos and video Interviews

MD Jim Connelly

NFL Europe MD Jim Connelly

NFL Europe MD Jim Connelly had introduced the League's ambitious targets at the Schalke Arena, where sold out events were expected.

Photo, press coference and video interview

Jim Tomsula 49ers

The latest NFL success story written by a former NFL Europe veteran is certainly the rise of Jim Tomsula, who became the new head coach of the 49ers.

Too bad, that Jim Tomsula was on a mission impossible when he was forced to create a new team within only one season.

Follow this emerging NFL story, photos and video

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Frankfurt Galaxy

Frankfurt Galaxy
Frankfurt Galaxy holds the League record with four World Bowl wins and surely the largest fan base. They were the first NFL Europe franchise, that got established and one could say, that they were the driving force.

Have a look at Frankfurt Galaxy


Rhein Fire

Rhein Fire
Rhein Fire had clinched three World Bowl appearances for two wins and the second largest fan base to become a rival of the Galaxy, though they had lost some of their momentum with the departure of head coach Galen Hall.

Have a look at Rhein Fire


Berlin Thunder

Berlin Thunder
Berlin Thunder took off in 2001 with two World Bowl wins under head coach Peter Vaas, who had done a tremendous job by disrupting the dominance of the Rhein Fire and the Frankfurt Galaxy.

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Amsterdam Admirals

Amsterdam Admirals
Amsterdam was led by head coach Bart Andrus and their only World Bowl win was in 2005, when they could defeat the Berlin Thunder.

See the Amsterdam Admirals



Scottish Claymores

Scottish Claymores
Challenging the Rhein Fire at World Bowl 2000 had been the greatest success for the Scottish Claymores, who had some of the most creative fans in the NFL Europe, which were spearheaded by the mighty Cheddarheads.

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