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The Cologne Centurions

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Admirals @ Centurions 2006

Fire @ Centurions 2006

Fire @ Centurions 2005

Admirals @ Centurions 2005

Centurions @ Fire 2005
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Devils @ Centurions 2005

Galaxy @ Centurions 2005
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RB Keylon Kincade

Photo from Dallas Cowboys RB Keylon Kincade

Dallas Cowboys RB Keylon Kincade had helped his Cologne Centurions with 2 TDs to defeat Frankfurt Galaxy.

Later Keylon Kincade got added to the practice squad of the Dallas Cowboys while Kory Chapman was called by the New England Patriots.

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The Cologne Centurions

The NFL Europe has become history some time ago and here's a look back at many great Cologne Centurions players such qb Shane Boyd or Super Bowl Champion Kory Chapman and at their gorgeous Cheerleaders.

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Peter Vaas

Photo from Peter Vaas

Peter Vaas had been the first head coach at the Cologne Centurions and after the NFL Europe season 2005 he had decided to accept a call from the legendary Notre Dame College.

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QB Kevin Thompson

photo Kevin Thompson

Centurions quarterback Kevin Thompson had come from the Cleveland Browns to Cologne city.

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T Erik Pears

photo Erik Pears Buffalo Bills

Cologne Centurions tackle Erik Pears had still been a top starter in 2012 at the Buffalo Bills together with rb Fred Jackson.

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Centurions Cheerleaders

photo Cheerleaders Cologne Centurions

Impressive were the Cheerleaders of the Cologne Centurions.


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TE Werner Hippler

photo TE Werner Hippler

Former German NFL player TE Werner Hippler had come from the Frankfurt Galaxy to strenghten his beloved hometown team.

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