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Oxen in the Year of the Monkey

Only a few Oxen were successful in the 2015 Goat Year, but on February 8 they started very well into the year of the Monkey. which will confront them with even more riddles. However, chances are not bad at all and that was the first general outlook on the 2016 Monkey Year.

in the limelight

Stan Wawrinka has won the US Open against "Rabbit" Djokovic and Nico Rosberg is likely to his first Formula 1 championship after an engine failure at "Rat" Hamilton.

Simone Biles und Jim Phelps are the golden top stars at the Olympic games.

Chris Froome is winning the Tour de France.

Nico Rosberg leads in Formel 1 racing and Max Verstappen became the youngest Grand Prix winner of all times.

Bruno Mars has scored a Grammy and he was playing at half-time while the two head coaches Ron Rivera and Gary Kubiak have clinched the first double Super Bowl entries and never before two of the same symbols have achieved this.

American icon Bill Cosby had to face investigations concerning his intimate behaviors.

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Chinese Horoscope for Oxen in the 2016 Monkey Year

Oxen seem well positioned at the end of a tough Goat Year with two NFL head coaches playing Super Bowl and even a Wayne Rooney is striking important goals again.

And there were more Ox Year born winners during the last year of the Monkey, so that some new confidence is coming at the right time when things will become more complicated and tricky.

But Oxen will simply sustain by their weight, so that the wild game of the ruling Monkey won't shatter them too much.

Nevertheless, Ox year born would be well advised to calm down on temper and to improve on flexibility and learning curves.

A crazy year 2016 is bringing it all and many Oxen will enjoy the adventure and thrills of the Monkey Year, which is not going to be an easy one like the forthcoming year of the Rooster in 2017.

Chinese Horocope Ox symbol

The Ox symbol

Chinese Horocope Ox

90% of the German Ladies would fancy Barack Obama and George Clooney in bed and which man would say no to Kate Moss.

Chinese call the Ox "Cho" because he is "niu" what means soft.

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Famous Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox Boy George

Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Kim Dotcom, Michael O´Leary, Barack Obama, Thaksin Shinawatra, Yanis Varoufakis, Dennis Rodman, Stan Wawrinka, Arsene Wenger, Cristiano Ronaldo, Danny Blind, Wayne Rooney, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Bar Refaeli, Kate Moss, Sandra Bullock, Tori Spelling, Ivana Trump, Keira Knightley, Beenie Man, Tanya Stephens, The Edge, Bruno Mars ...

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Ideal partners

Chinese Horoscope Ox Francis Rossi

George Clooney and Barack Obama are the most desired Oxen among females and the ideal flirt candidate for Ox ladies should be lively and strong while senior male Oxen go for sexy curves, what often puts Rooster girls in the center of their observations.

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Oxen character

Chinese Horoscope Ox Jermaine Chaney

Romanian Tennis legend Ion "Rabbit" Tiriac had once characterized Champion Ox Monica Seles with the words.

"... she would crawl over broken glass just to make that point ... "

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Last years for Oxen

Chinese Horoscope Ox Barack Obama

President Obama was fuming about two Dragons. First Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen had thrown out his press corps when he was talking about human rights. Later Vladimir Putin had prevented him from catching "Pig" Eric Snowden, who had dismantled his dubious spying operations similar to" Pig" Julian Assange.

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The last years for Oxen


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