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African Fashion & Style are very special like shown at this great Zaire party.

Video & photos


Video interviews

Nana Tuffour
Nana Tuffour

Ghana's Highlife Superstar loves Football and the Football World Cup in South Africa saw a clash between Ghana and Germany, where he had recorded his biggest hits at Bodo Staiger's Rheinklang studio.

Here`s a video interview with one of the ultimate top stars in the Ghana High Life Music industry, the great Nana Tuffour, who is also frequently touring the U.S.

Video interview + photos


Branford Marsalis
Branford Marsalis

is America's Saxophone who has been working with Youssou N'Dour. African drumming he calls very intriguing.

Video interview, photos & story


Listen to Trio Foliba from Ivory Coast
Trio Foliba

comes from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. and see the latest Lena Tsokalenko Russian Designer Fashion for Summer 2011.




Ghana Highlife music
Ghana jamming

Ghana Highlife music and parties are truly nice. Watch 2 videos with African Music from a great Highlife Party.

Videos, photos & story


World Cup South Africa

Arjan from South Africahad talked about going out in Johannisburg, the weather, the vibes in the Football stadiums and much more.



African Links


African videos @ the-real-africa.com








Africa needs more and better Internet Connections badly and balancingact-africa.com has become an important website, that informs about the situation.


Viva Africa!


Welcome to Africa related videos, interviews, live music, photos, stories and positive vibes.

Côte d'Ivoire

President Alassane Ouattara

Watch a new music video with traditional dance and epic scenes from President Alassane Ouattara and his soldiers laying down their guns in Côte d'Ivoire. Photos and story

During the post-electoral crisis in 2011 the 'Dozos' had supported militias and pro Ouattara groups. Video


Ghana had come far

at the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Here's the fan interviews and the game reports.


Music Download News

Our new favorite African music site is now the wonderful archive blog awesometapes.com which features vintage African Music that can be downloaded.


Ad based free mp3 streaming music or flat rate music subscriptions are now available at we7 and at spotify.


Internet Radio from Africa


Africa presents great online radio with wcr.gm from Gambia and with myjoyonline.com from Ghana.


Latest Music Videos


World Class African Live Reggae by Naby

World Class African Live Reggae by Naby Video


Aja Addy Ghana

Aja Addy from Ghana

The master drummer and Tigra priest talked about the magic and medicine of African drumming.

Video, photos & story


Gbenga Nigeria

Gbenga Nigeria

African live music video with Nigerian Reggae from Yoruba Singer Gbenga Olaniyi.

Video & photos


Ampofo Acquah

Aja Addy from Ghana

Ghana's former top guitarist had come up in with a forceful heavy guitar song called "Common sense".

Videos, photos & story

Acquah & Edwards Live jam.


Ghana Highlife Reggae from Oliver & badmanX with beach pictures from Sri Lanka


Live Concert videos from Oboja Adu, Ghana
Videos, photos & story

Boy George

Boy George

Boy George had suggested to boycott Africa for a stand against throwing lovers into jail as soon as they get classified as being gay.




Gilles Peterson

The Frankfurt Galaxy Cheerleaders were led by Kimberly Ann Cole who had worked for the L.A. Clippers and Superstar Pink. Kimberly had talked about her deep feelings for Africa.


Watch Internet TV from Gambia Watch Gambia1.net Internet TV
Videos, news and info about daily life in Gambia.



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