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Dolphins Autrey Denson at Rhein Fire

Autrey Denson
RB Miami Dolphins

Autry Denson had spent his NFL seasons 1999 and 2000 with the Miami Dolphins being on 17 games before he appeared on 16 games for the Chicago Bears in 2001.

In 2002 he was tested by the Colts and the Lions, who had sent Autry Denson into the Rhein Fire for season 2003.

Against Thunder in week 2 he had scored a giant touchdown by running through two defenders and with 725 yards he was the second best rusher in the League.

TD Autrey Denson W 2

In his video interview Tony McGee from the Dallas Cowboys had called Autrey Denson "explosive" and he was expecting him to complete the season as the 2003 League MVP.

photo Autrey Denson RB

RB Autrey Denson Dolphins

Autrey Denson 2003 videos

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photo Autrey Denson

RB Autrey Denson Dolphins

photo Autrey Denson RB

RB Autrey Denson Dolphins

Born on August 12, 1976
College: Notre Dame
Height: 5-1
Weight: 203


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