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World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever

Video 1 features

The Coronas, UK's King of the Jungle Phil Tufnell, Desmond Hughes, Arjan van Brueggen and former German Bundesliga striker Martin Driller, who had played with Lucio and other Football legends.

Video 2 features

Gary Stretch and many other experts from around the world.


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Charlie Webster

TV presenter Charlie Webster has been commenting for ESPN Star Sports and other networks on Spanish La Liga and she knows Jose Mourinho and David Beckham besides being a great athlete herself.

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Andy Penders

Andy Penders ESPN Star Sports

Andy Penders has become the ultimate expert for all Football fans around Asia and folks had always loved to see his coverage on the Premier League and the FIFA World Cup.

Video interview



Gary Stretch

Gary Stretch

Gary Stretch had been optimistic about England's Football team when they were heading down to win the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

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Right said Fred

Right said Fred

Right said Fred does not support Manchester United.

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