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Foto Nana Tuffour
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Nana Tuffour

African Music is large and one of the top stars in Ghana is the great Nana Tuffour, who is often touring the U.S. This is what Nana has to say about Ghana.

Nana Touffur video interview + photos

Beaches are wonderful in Ghana where not only Accra is offering some unique spots.

Special is of course the Kokrobite beach, the home of the Ghana drummer legend, Teddy Mustapha Addy which is located 30 miles outside of the capitol, Accra.

Traffic in Ghana is wild and the total absence of Railways can make Accra a tough experience during the daytime.

The traditional life and culture in Ghana is more than fascinating. Only a few miles away from Accra or Kumasi things may be very different and interesting.

Ghana Videos

Ghana Highlife Party

Ghana Party

Ghana Highlife Party Video 1 and Video 2

Links to Ghana Westafrica latest music from Ghana

Ghana Radio


Aja Addy

Aja Addy
Ghana master drummer Aja Addy had also been a Tigra Priest and the video shows an interview and serious African drumming what he has called "medicine".

Video, photos & story


Oboja Adu

Oboja Adu
The great Oboja Adu from Ghana talked about developments in his country.

Videos, photos & story



Ampofo Acquah

Ampofo Acquah
Ampofo Acquah has played on countless Highlife CDs.

Fotos, story und Videos




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