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Dog in the Year of the Goat

Since February 19 the Year of the Goat is providing the Dog year born with some complicated challenges, but also some fine success opportunities as shown in the previous Year of the Goat in 2003.

That was the first general outlook.

in the limelight

America might be expecting a dream couple inside the White House with the two Dogs Model Melania Knauss & Donald Trump, who has just launched a verbal brawl against Ox Heidi Klum by having a go at her mature age and looks. After that Heidi Klum responded with a slightly funny video on Twitter, so that both had their free PR.

A line of indecent comments on pregnancy have driven Italian Fashion designer Domenico Dolce into trouble as many VIP clients have stopped their interest in his collections.

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Chinese Horoscope for Dogs in the 2015 Goat Year

The last year of the Goat saw Andrè Agassi, displaying the biggest smiles in the world being severely inspired by his Rooster Steffi.

Also Andy Roddick, Justine Henin, Claudia Schiffer and Bill Clinton were collecting finest memories while George W. Bush went to assign shock n' treatment to the Iraqi people, who still suffer from a devastated infrastructure caused by his search for weapons for mass destruction.

This may reveal, how tricky the year of the Goat will be for the Dogs.

Opportunities are certainly given, but also chances for failure in case of poorly done research and tacky approaches.

In fact, the Goat year is an emotional one with fine lines, that should not be crossed or overlooked.

Spontaneously barking Dogs will certainly see much more trouble than those, who come across as friendly as an Andy Agassi.

2015 is a year to relax and enjoy and Dogs will be well advised to stay on that vibe instead of acting as savagely as America's worst President of all times in the last year of the Goat.

Much more wisdom was shown by David Gilmore, whose creative collaboration with the 2 Goats Roger Waters and Richard Wright had given the world Pink Floyd.

Dogs at the FIFA World Cup

In Brazil the Dogs had been the top losers among the 12 symbols with only 5 goals scored during the entire tournament.

Furthermore, the Dog symbol had been the only one with not even one win for their managers.


Chinese Horocope Dog symbol

Dog Life

... the Life of a Dog ... The wondering stars

Xu is the Dog, which is expected to be "go", what means faithful.

And Dog year borns had once ruled in the world of music with Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Elvis, as well as men's Tennis with Andre Agassi and Jim Courier. But also George W. Bush and Bill Clinton show, that Americans love their Dogs madly and now the world sees the political rise of Donald Trump.

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Chinese Horoscope Gladiator Dog Ralf Moeller

Justin Bieber, Jessica Biel, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi, Mariah Carey, Andy Roddick, Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Kaka ... more famous Dogs

Ideal partners

Chinese Horoscope Dog Giorgio Armani

Tiger, Horse and Ox can be a match, but obviously Mr. Monkey is a much preferred lover for Ms. Dog, shown for example by Giorgio Armani fan Madonna and her former marriage with Guy Ritchie.

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Dog character

Chinese Horoscope Dog Brian baldinger

Those Dog year born are doing great in front of TV cameras and Oprah Winfrey has become a benchmark as well as Brian Baldinger for NFL fans at NFL Networks.

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Best Dog years

Chinese Horoscope Dog Domenico DolceFashion designer Domenico Dolce had founded D&G in the Ox year of 1985 and Michael Jackson went mega worldwide with his Thriller album in the 1982 Dog year when also Madonna had signed her very first deal with Sire records.

The best years for the Dogs


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