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Here's the first outlook on the 2014 Year of the Horse
Chinese Horoscope 2012 Tiger Büffel Ratte Schwein Hund Hahn Affe Ziege Pferd Schlange Drache Hase

Chinese Horoscope 2014 Dog in the Year of the Horse

Chinese Horoscope 2014 for the Year of the Horsee by Dr. W

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Chinese Symbol Dog
Chinese Symbol Dog


... the Life of a Dog ... the thinking Superstars

Dogs had once ruled in the world of music with Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson as well as in Tennis with Gabriella Sabatini, Andre Agassi and Jim Courier. Also George W. Bush and Bill Clinton show, that Americans love Dogs madly.



Dogs in the limelight


Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Ralf Moeller, Madonna, Cher, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi, Michael Jackson, Prince, Mariah Carey, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Jim Courier, Pep Guardiola, Kaka ... more Dogs


Dog Videos

Charlie Webster

Charlie Webster

Ralf Moeller and Charlie Webster


Ideal partners for the Dog


Tiger, Horse and Buffalo are fine and Mr. Monkey is the much preferred lover for Miss Dog.

Ideal partners for the Dog


Dog Character


The Dogs are doing great in front of TV cameras

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Dog Blog


Latest Dog News


Dog News

Rubens Barichello

Rubens Barichello had been a great Formula 1 pilot from Brazil.


2012 and 2013 had been some difficult years for many Dogs and this is first the general outlook on the year of the Horse.

Dog of the year has been Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola.


Dogs in the 2014 Horse Year

The NBA has sanctioned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his ugly rassist statements.

The Champions League semi final was lost by coach Pep Guardiola Bayern Munich against Real Madrid.

Coach Diego Siemeone can still reach the final with a win Atletico Madrid against Rabbit Mourinho and Chelsea.


Snake Dominika Cibulková has lost the final at the Australian Open against Na Li.

Justin Bieber has announced his retirement in conjunction with his new album.

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly has died during drug rehab at 43 and Fox anchor Lauren Green went down in TV history for one of the worst interviews ever.

Top soccer coach Pep Guardiola had started slow into the season with a loss against his strongest competitor, but finally, his team Bayern Munich did become a top force around Europe.

German Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrueck had looked clumsy and he lost the election clearly.


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Horoscope for the Dog in the 2014 Horse Year

The last year of the Horse in 2002 had brought only very little progress for the Dogs and it was probably Andre Agassi, who had the biggest success as the the No.2 in World Tennis.

Also at the FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea the Dogs had very little to throw in as there won't be many famous Dogs playing at the forthcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Normally, the Dog is rated as a Soulmate of the Horse, but apparently this doesn't seem to help much.

Anyway, the Dogs will enjoy the much improved social spirit of the Horse Year 2014, which will bring more fun and interesting events than the previous Snake year.

Less barking and showing more team spirit will be the best recipe for a successful year of the Horse, in which we all should try to find the way to our real home.

Dogs with energy will enjoy the movements of the Horse year while those more lazy or selfish Dogs will find it very hard to achieve progress.

Team spirit is all that matters in a Year of the Horse.


  Latest Trends
1 Rat +++
2 Snake +++
3 Pig ++
4 Horse ++
5 Dragon ++
6 Monkey ++
7 Rabbit ++
8 Tiger ++
9 Goat +
10 Buffalo +
11 Rooster +
12 Dog +

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Trends for all Chinese Symbols
Dragon Rabbit Tiger

Dragon of the year had been Vladimir Putin, but it was a difficult ride. And now the Horse year should bring some fine opportunities for team players.

Some Rabbits had a mixed year of the Snake, but there were also some great winners.


Nadal, Bolt and many other Tigers have escaped well from crisis and the year of the Horse will be a good one.

Buffalo Rat Pig

Buffaloes like Obama and Rooney had to face some great challenges.


Rats had started well into 2013 like Wimbledon Champ Marion Bartoli, but then things went tough. And now, all fruit seems right.

Many Pigs had a spledid year and the year of the Horse could bring even more fun.

Dog Rooster Monkey

Dogs had a tricky year and also 2014 will bring some challenges.


Serena Williams took it all and also 2014 will see Rooster in full swing.


Monkey had the expected difficult year and 2014 will be a turning point for the better.

GoatHorse Snake

Goats failed to impress in 2013 and changes can be expected by the end of the Horse Year.

Most of Europe is run by Horse leaders and 2014 is going to be their peak year.


Snakes saw a year of changes and only a few were able to capitalize on their fortune. And 2014 won't be that easy.


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