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The only German Rhein Fire player who had made it into the vicinity of an NFL team had been Patrick Venzke, when he had worked himself under the radar of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For all other German Fire nationals their big dream of catching a spot in the NFL had remained unfulfilled.

All Rhein Fire players

Check out over 200 Rhein Fire player photos with also some basic information.

Unfortunately not all of the old photos are matching the quality standards of today as they were produced for 56k modem connections and they were mainly taken from VHS video tapes. Have a look

Anthony Doghmi

LB Anthony Doghmi

Anthony Doghmi is about to enter the German Hall of Fame since he had been one of the constant factors for the team.

Anthony Doghmi has played for five seasons in Duesseldorf while winning 2 World Bowl titles.

Each year he had been an important contributor to the team spirit thanks to his superb language abilities.

9 solo and 3 combined tackles made him the most successful German national during the World Bowl winning season 2000. Sad, that he got injured in W1 during season 2003 which had been the end of his career.

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Super Bowl 2000

Rhein Fire @ Super Bowl

LB Bastian Lano

Bastian Lano
Bastian Lano had a great scene in week 5 of season 2000, when he did sack Claymores qb Marcus Crandell after he had missed out on commands and didn`t know what to do on the field. And instead of getting bored, he just went for a surprise sack. This was the "the action of the year 2000".

Also in 2003 he had started ferociously with a great sack, 2 tackles and 3 assists.

LB Dusty Pearce

Dusty Pearce
Dusty Pearce was living in the States for a while in order to experience American Football a little closer while playing for Nevada College.

Born on January 7 in 1975
College: Nevada
Height: 6-2
Weight: 252

K Manfred Burgsmueller

Manfred Burgsmueller
Kicker Manfred Burgsmueller became the eldest NFL player of all times.

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DE Christian Mohr

Christian Mohr

Christian Mohr came from the Berlin Thunder to the Duesseldorf team and in the NFL he had been with the Seahawks for 2 seasons.

Born in Aachen Germany on April 5 in 1980
College: University of Sports (Cologne)
Height: 6-0
Weight: 251

S Richard Yancy

Richard Yancy
Richard Yancy has played from 2002 until 2007 for the team and he had also been under evaluation at the Chargers.

Born on January 31, 1979
College: none
Height: 6-0
Weight: 195

K Ingo Anderbruegge

photo Ingo Anderbruegge
Ingo Anderbruegge is an iconic German soccer player from Schalke 04, where the Rhein Fire was forced to evacuate to for two seasons.

Born on January 2, 1964 in Datteln, West Germany
College: none
Height: 6-2
Weight: 235

OT Patrick Venzke

photo Patrick Venzke

Patrick Venzke had been with the Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars and he was delighted to meet their cute Cheerleaders "The Roar" at Rhein Fire.

Born on April 6, 1975 in Essen
College: Southern
Height: 6-6
Weight: 316

RB Tamon Nakamura

photo Tamon Nakamura
Tamon Nakamura was the Japanese Star and World Bowl champion inside the team and fans had truly liked him a lot in 1999 and 1998. Meanwhile he runs his own Nightclub in Osaka and has also shortly been with the Green Bay Packers.

Born on March 17 in 1973



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