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Bengals Carl Powell at Rhein Fire

Carl Powell
DE Ravens / Redskins / Bears

Carl Powell was sent into the Rhein Fire by the Indianapolis Colts, where he had been on 11 games.

At Rhein Fire 1999 he had a fine first stint alongside several later NFL starters such as Jason Tucker and Robert Thomas from the Dallas Cowboys when missing the World Bowl only by an inch.

Then in seaon 2000 the Rhein Fire did win the World Bowl, but Carl Powell got traded to the Barcelona Dragons during the season against Kicker Elezovic, what had at least earned him a role at the Baltimore Ravens for season 2000 during which he appeared on two games, what was enough to win the Super Bowl.

During the 2001 NFL season Carl Powell had been on 16 games at the Chicago Bears for 12 combined tackles.

Even better had been his next NFL season at the Washington Redskins, where he had been for 29 combined tackles and 3 sacks on 15 games, of which he had started on 4 games.

Carl Powells final chapter in the NFL had been at the Cincinnati Bengals for 37 games in which he had scored 53 combined tackles and 3,5 sacks.


photo Carl Powell Cincinnati Bengals

Carl Powell Ravens

Born on January 4, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan
College: Cincinnati
Height: 6-2
Weight: 278

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