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Sri Lanka  photos, stories, videos
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This is a Sri Lanka Internet TV channel with pictures and free videos from Galle, Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Trincomalee, Colombo, Kandy, Haputale, Negombo and other legendary locations in Sri Lanka.


Latest Sri Lanka News



Enjoy the first version of the web62 Sri Lanka movie ....


Sri Lanka

The real Sri Lanka in 60 minutes - a fast ride through a land like no other.



Turtle Funk
Turtle Funk

Turtles and Monkeys from Barbados mixed with Sri Lankan Wildlife.


Unawatuna Sri Lanka
Unawatuna Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka prides with Unawatuna Bay one of the finest Surfing beaches in the world.


See the also last Video from Unawatuna before the Tsunami and the 2010 Unawatuna Beach and Festival video.

Kandy Fire Dance
Kandy Fire Dance

Watch 3 videos from the traditional Kandyan Dance and the Fire Dancers. Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Tsunami in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Sunsets

Video Interviews with survivors from Galle only hours after the Tsunami. Watch 3 videos.
Video 1
video 2
video 3

After Tsunami Photos & Story


Sri Lanka Videos


Ayurveda is big in Sri Lanka and here is an introduction. Video


Fashion Designers from Sri Lanka are seeking new markets backed up by a hungry textile industry. Video


Negombo Beach

Vesak in Sri Lanka

Devil Dance

Elephant Parade


more Sri Lanka Videos

Links to Sri Lanka

srilanka1.net - Internet TV from and for Sri Lanka

lankatv.com - Internet TV



Sri Lanka @ classics100.com

welcome2una.com - Stay at one of the most famous beaches in the world in the South of Sri Lanka


Where to stay in Sri Lanka

Recommended Sri Lanka Hotels / Places

The Kandalama Hotel - Dambula

Taj - Bentota


Mahavelli River Kandy Sri Lanka
Only 0.5 million tourists in secret Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is expecting a first improved tourism season while Hambantota is seeing large investments with a new harbor and airport all personally encouraged by the President and his family.


Kandy PereharaSri Lanka music videos
Perehara Sri LankaSri Lanka Sunsets

Perehara Festival in Kandy

Legendary are the annual 10 days of the Perehara with over 100 Elephants, dancers, drummers and a complete regional ban on liqueur.

Kandy videos, photos & story


Mahavelli River Sunsets

in Kandy are very special in Sri Lanka. Video

Sri Lankan Jungle vibes with a House track from Miami by Reggae Singer Carl McDonald Video

HaputaleThe President
Sri Lanka HaputaleMahinda Rajapaksa

Haputale Love

a magical moment at the end of the world where Tamils and Muslims start their day early in the high Tea mountains of beautiful Sri Lanka.


Mahinda Rajapakse

Sri Lanka has given the hon. President Mahinda Rajapaksa a wide range of rights and power with new adjustments that where added to the constitution.



ColomboMilkshake Unawatuna
Colombo Sri Lanka


is the amazing capital of Sri Lanka.

Photos and Info

Sri Lanka Dog Milkshake

My name is Milkshake

and I had lived in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka on a beach that some rate as one of the best in the world.


youtube Internet TV from Sri Lanka

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