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Barcelona Dragons
vs. Rhein Fire 2001

2001 had been the last bright year for the Barcelona Dragons, but once again they had been the dominating team throughout the season until running short in the World Bowl.

Back in 1999 they had lost despite many great NFL players against the underdog team from Frankfurt Galaxy while in 2001 the Berlin Thunder had come out as the surprise winner.


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Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire 2001

Game Video

Jarious Jackson

Jarious Jackson Barcelona Dragons

Quarterback Jarious Jackson had thrown the Barcelona Dragons into the 2001 World Bowl.

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Jack Bicknell

Jack Bicknell Barcelona Dragons

In 2001 head coach Jack Bicknell had qb Jarious Jackson on the field.

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Pete Kuharcheck

Pete Kuharcheck

In season 2001 head coach Pete Kuharcheck had brought in 49ers qb Gio Carmazzi.

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World Bowl 2001

World Bowl

The 2001 World Bowl videos

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3with Guy McIntire and Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

Photo from Jarious Jackson Denver Broncos Barcelona Dragons next button

Jarious Jackson Denver Broncos

Since a long time the Rhein Fire fans haven`t seen a QB like Jarious Jackson, who threw his team forward with so much power.

And when his possey didn`t move fast enough, he seriously showed, what a good runner can do.

Perhaps Panthers QB Dameyune Craig had impressed in a similar way back in 1999.

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 Photo from Barcelona Dragons Rhein Fire 2001

Barcelona Dragons vs. Rhein Fire

The game was started well by the Rhein Fire QB with a first TD by Japanese National WR Akihito Amaya, who had received some intense training alongside 49ers qb Gio Carmazzi, who had to make way for qb Phil Stambaugh.

Phil Stambaugh

photo from qb Phil Stambaugh

Quarterback Phil Stambaugh from the Saints had his very first starting role as an NFL quarterback and his touchdown plus a two-point conversion will remain unforgettable.

During the game he had shown 33 rushing yards with 6 attempts, 1 TD and 14 from 26 passes completed for 148 yards.

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WR Tony Simmons

Photo Tony Simmons

Receiver Tony Simmons had scored 2 TDs and caught 9 passes for 141 yards what made him clearly the top gun of the night.

Needless to say, that he was one of the top Dragons in 2001 and a most valuable connection for the Dragon's QBs.

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WR Bryan Gilmore

Photo from Bryan Gilmore

Receiver Bryan Gilmore had caught this fine 21 yards TD pass and Rhein Fire's CB Mallard DeShone and Steve Gleason from the Saints had no chance to intercept.

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Vince Martino

photo from Vince Martino

Offensive Coordinator Vince Martino had been very pleased with the performance of QB Jarious Jackson, WR Tony Simmons and RB Mike Green.




James Tuthill

photo from James Tuthill

Kicker James Tuthill from the 49ers had shown many nice Kickoffs with some great depth deep down into the corners.

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