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Zuriel Smith, Dallas Cowboys on photos & videos

Zuriel Smith
WR Dallas Cowboys

Back in 2003 Zuriel Smith had played in nine games for the Dallas Cowboys.

With his two TDs in week 4 of the NFL Europe season 2006 against the Sea Devils Zuriel Smith had earned player of the game honors.

After his years at the Dallas Cowboys Zuriel Smith did not make it at the Giants before he went on the roster of the 2006 New England Patriots, where he had met Tom Brady and Bill Belichik.

Videos related to Zuriel Smith @ the Dallas Cowboys

Drew Henson

Drew Hanson Dallas Cowboys

In Europe Dallas Cowboys qb Drew Henson had played with Zuriel Smith.

Photos and video interview

Zuriel Smith Dallas Cowboys

Zuriel Smith on video

Zuriel Smith had brought some great inspirations and experience to the Rhein Fire, where he had connected well with qb Drew Henson under head coach Jim Tomsula.

Zuriel Smith game videos

Rhein Fire vs. Hamburg Sea Devis

Rhein Fire vs. Cologne Centurions

Rhein Fire vs. Frankfurt Galaxy

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Zuriel Smith

Zuriel Smith Dallas Cowboys
College: Hampton
Born on January 15, 1980 in Lake Wales, Florida
Weight: 168 Height: 5-11




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