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Galen Hall
RB coach Dallas Cowboys

Galen Hall`s success story is second to none and being the coach for the running backs at the Dallas Cowboys had been another highlight.

In 1998 he scored his first World Bowl win with Rhein Fire and Mike Quinn.

And if he would have been allowed to replace Giants QB Mike Cherry with Jim Arellanes earlier during season 1999, the Rhein Fire would have remained on top of the League for another year with his one-two-punch RB force Kenny Bynum and Derrick Clark.

Rhein Fire had played all teams into the ground, once Arellanes had taken over. But it had been too late for the best team according to Brandon Noble in his video interview in which he had said "They played us dizzy...."

In 2000 had won the World Bowl for a second time and almost also the XFL title with Orlando Rage before the Dallas Cowboys had gotten hold of the charismatic football coach.

Galen Hall

Galen Hall Dallas Cowboys

Galen Hall on videos

World Bowl Season 2000
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Season 1999
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Dallas Cowboys @ Rhein Fire
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Galen Hall Dallas Cowboys

Galen Hall


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