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Brian Baldinger, Dallas Cowboys on photos & videos

Brian Baldinger
Dallas Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys top gun Brian Baldinger is surely on the way up with doing great analysis work for Fox Sports and at, where he is guiding the fans excellently through the NFL game days.

Brian Baldinger had also been flown in for the World Bowl highlights where these photos and videos were made.


Brian Baldinger videos

 Brian Baldinger Dallas Cowboys

Brian Baldinger interview inside the World Bowl 2005

Brian Baldinger interview @ World Bowl 2002

Brian Baldinger Interview

Brian Baldinger's comment on the Football World Cup 2002



... these videos were webcasted back in 1999 for 56k dial up modems when there had been hardly any videos available.

Even the mighty NFL and NFL Films had not been able to come up with better streams in those early days of Internet TV.


Brian Baldinger Dallas Cowboys

Brian Baldinger Dallas Cowboys

Brian Baldinger had a great time in Europe when visiting the Rhein Fire team, where usually a group of young Dallas Cowboys hopefuls such as Drew Henson, Chris Brymer, Jeff Ogden or Jason Tucker had emerged as promising roster candidates.

Dallas Cowboys at Super Bowl 50

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Brian Baldinger Dallas Cowboys

Brian Baldinger Dallas Cowboys

Brian Baldinger had always been very enthusiastic about his sport and being a vital contributor to the NFL action and media.

Photos by T.J.

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