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Wes Chandler
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As a wide receiver Wes Chandler had been with great NFL teams such as the Chargers, Saints and the San Francisco 49ers for 11 years playing with Don Coryell and Dan Fouts, what had earned him four Pro Bowl invitations before he went into coaching at Rhein Fire in 1995.

From there he moved on to the Frankfurt Galaxy for the 1998 NFL Europe season as their offensive coordinator.

Then in 1999 he became the youngest Head Coach in the NFL Europe at Berlin Thunder.

After that Jerry Jones had called him to become the wide receiver coach for the Dallas Cowboys, where he did support their campaigns from 2000 until 2002 helping David Campo until Bill Parcells took over America's former team in 2003.

Two more stints at the Vikings and Brown did rouded his impressive NFL carrer before he spent some finals years at the New York Sentinels and the California Golden Bears.


Photo from Wes Chandler NFL coach and player

Wes Chandler

Photo from Wes Chandler NFL coach and player

Wes Chandler

Wes Chandler on head coach in 1999 at Berlin Thunder vs. Rhein Fire with Mike Jones and those three Dallas Cowboys Chris Brymer, Jason Tucker and Robert Thomas.

Photo from Wes Chandler NFL coach and player



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