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Chris Brymer
C Dallas Cowboys

Back in 1999 his performance at Fire had been very impressive and at least he made it into the Dallas practice squad, while other players with perhaps less talent, but greater versatility had made it into the final 53.

After his hard fought World Bowl 2000 victory over the Claymores Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones himself had walked up to Chris and his former wife Melissa for some unforgettable congratulations.

But just like in 1999 injury had prevented a happy end and the Cowboys decided to drop Chris Brymer.

But right after that he had won the XFL title after 11 brute games among 8 equally strong teams, which had demanded a lot in order to reach the champion seat.

But sadly enough, Chris Brymer had once again failed to qualify for a spot at the San Diego Chargers and the tough offensive lineman had to retire after he had given so much to score in American Football.

As a matter of fact, it had always been a great pleasure meeting Chris Brymer and it was more than sad in 2010 to read at L.A. weekly, that his post career life has been too bright at all.

Back in 2005 Chris Brymer and his wife Melissa decided to go separate ways and apparently CTE or something else had turned his life upside down.

Meanwhile it has been already some five years since we've heard from Chris Brymer, who should definetely not be in jail.

And one may wonder, why the wealthy NFL teams have not yet put a fund, that could take care of such unfortunate players.

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Chris Brymer Dallas Cowboys

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Chris Brymer and Daryl Johnston

Daryl Johnston had explained, what the Dallas Cowboys were expecting from Chris Brymer.

photo Chris Brymer Dallas Cowboys

Chris Brymer Dallas Cowboys

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