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Amsterdam Admirals
vs. Rhein Fire 2006

The 2006 Admirals had been a vey strong team and they defeated Rhein Fire in both games despite a Fred Jackson, Drew Hanson, Zuriel Smith and several other notable NFL players on the field.

But also the Admirals were well equipped with Gibran Hamden, Jeff Roehl and Jamaican born top gun Atari Bigby alongside the speedy Skyler Fulton.

Amsterdam Admirals Team 2006

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Amsterdam Admirals vs. Rhein Fire 2006

Admirals vs. Fire 2006

113.8 fans watched an entertaining game at Rhein Fire with many high class players on the field.

Players and game scenes

HC Jim Tomsula

photo HC Jim Tomsula 49ers

Rhein Fire's head coach Jim Tomsula was about to leave Europe to become the defensive coordinator at the 49ers and the two losses against the Admirals had demolished his World Bowl prospects by leaving him with a 6-4 season.

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Rhein Fire offense

photo Rhein Fire offense

Running back Fred Jackson had been the best rusher with 74 yards while Drew Henson qb rating was as low as 68.9 in comparison to Gibran Hamden with 113.8.



Admirals defense

photo Admirals defense

Atari Bigby had contributed 5 tackles and 1 assist while Jeremy Cain from the Chicago Bears had been the best defender with 8 tackles and one assist.



Nick Hannah Colts

Photo from Nick Hannah Colts

Linebacker Nick Hannah was allocated by the Indianapolis Colts and at Rhein Fire he had shown 3 tackles and 1 assist. But back in the NFL he couldn't find work.

Born on: November 3, 1981 in East Wenetchee, WA
College:Eastern Oregon State
Height: 6-1
Weight: 220

QB Gibran Hamden

Photo from Admirals qb Gibran Hamden

Admirals quarterback Gibran Hamdan had completed 14 from 21 passes for 203 yards and 1 TD without causing any interception.


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CB Gabriel Helms

Photo from Gabriel Helms Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Gabriel Helms had 5 tackles against the Admirals and in the NFL he had only lasted one season. All together the Rhein Fire defense had shown 38 tackles, 1 sack and 13 yards gain compared to 41 tackles by the Admirals defense.


WR Jacque Lewis

Photo from Jacque Lewis

Rhein Fire's receiver Jacque Lewis had earned himself the player of the match honor with his touchdown and 6 carries for 37 yards.




TE Sean Mulcahy

Sean Mulcahy

Tight end Sean Mulcahy came from The Carolina Panthers and in 2007 he played for the Rhein Fire.

Born on February 14 in 1982
College: Connecticut
Height: 6-5
Weight: 260


K Ryan Killeen

Ryan Killeen

Kicker Ryan Killeen was allocated by the Seasttle Seahawks, but after the season he couldn't land a job there. Three field goals had been his contribution in the game against Rhein Fire.

Born on July 11 in 1983
College: USC
Height: 5-11
Weight: 185



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