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Jeremy Cain
Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears had been the first NFL team for rookie Jeremy Cain for his first 8 NFL games.

he had attented at the 49ers from where he went to the Panthers who had allocated him to the Amsterdam Admirals for the NFL Europe season.

But a real home Jeremy Cain did find at the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he was playing until 2012.

And then in 2013 Jeremy Cain has moved on to the Chicago Bears, where he had been on 18 games before he finished his long career after 10 NFL seasons.

Jeremy Cain Bears

Jeremy Cain Bears

Guard Jeremy Cain had been on 99 games.

Jeremy Cain videos

Jeremy Cain vs. Cologne Centurions 2006

Jeremy Cain @ World Bowl 2006

Jeremy Cain Bears

Jeremy Cain Chicago Bears

Born on March 24 1980 in Boynton Beach, FL
College: Massachusetts
Height: 6-1
Weight: 245


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