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Tony Brown
DT 49ers Titans

The Miami Dolphins were the first, who had spotted Tony Brown. But his first 16 NFL games he had attented at the San Francisco 49ers, from where he went to the Panthers, who had allocated him to the Amsterdam Admirals for the NFL Europe season 2006.

But the real home of Tony Brown became the Tennessee Titans, where he had contributed 19 sacks and 219 tackles mainly as a regular starter during the NFL seasons from 2006 until 2010.

And it was no surprise, that Tony Brown made season MVP at the Admirals.

Tony Brown Titans

DT Tony Brown Titans

Tony Brown videos

Tony Brown vs. Cologne Centurions 2006

Tony Brown @ Galaxy vs. Admirals

Tony Brown @ World Bowl 2006

Tony Brown Titans

DT Tony Brown Titans

Tony Brown Tennessee Titans

Tony Brown Titans

Born on September 29 in 1980
College: Memphis
Height: 6-1
Weight: 280


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