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Ronald Buys
Admirals GM

Ronald Buys had looked thoughtful during the World Bowl week 2005 and it was great to see him and his team finally winning the trophy.

Already his second season at the Amsterdam Admirals in 2001 had brought him the big World Bowl challenge with piles of work, countless guests and unlimited activities.

Inside the video interview he gave a personal outlook on this mega event and on the Admirals 2001 who even had a great chance to qualify for the World Bowl.

Ronald Buys combines personal Football expertise from having played for the Amsterdam Crusaders and Rams with a wide range of different business backgrounds, that took the Amsterdam Admirals to many new chapters.

Despite the World Bowl win Ronald Buys had left the Amsterdam Admirals in 2005.

Admirals Ronald Buys

Admirals GM Ronald Buys

Ronald Buys Interview



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