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vs. Rhein Fire 2001

Impressive had been another RB Pepe Pearson Show with 79 yards and his match-breaking TD.

With him and Jason Brookins Rhein Fire had seemed to have another running back force similar to way back in 1999, when Derrick Clark & and Kenny Bynum had demolished the Admirals almost on their own.

Kenny Bynum had created more than 200 yards in that glorious game.

Even a lot of intense coaching by Bart Andrus couldn`t avoid the mistakes, that had kept the Admirals behind.

Before in his video interview head coach Bart Andrus has expressed great confidence with Spergon Wynn and on the field.

photo Bart Andrus

Bart Andrus Interview 2001

Amsterdam Admirals Team 2001

Allen | Baldwin | Coleman | Epps | Garnett | Hill J. | Hill M. | Kirksey | Kawaguchi | Malecki | McCullan | Matthews | Meijer | Spragan | Strickland | Sweeney | Wong | Wynn


Photo from Amsterdam Admirals vs. Rhein Fire 2001

Wynn vs. Carmazzi

QB Spergon Wynn completed 24 out of 36 passes for 226 yards and 1 Touchdown, while Fire QB Gio Carmazzi completed 9 out of 17 passes for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Watch game video 1 | game video 2

Players and game scenes

Bart Andrus head coach

photo Bart Andrus

Amsterdam Admirals Head Coach Bart Andrus might have remembered the glory season 2000 alongside Galen Hall and Pete Kuharchek, when his Admirals were rolling into the stadium.

Bart Andrus photos and video interviews

Kickoff James Tuthill

photo Kickoff James Tuthill

Season 2001 was started by kicker by James Tuthill, who had come from the San Francisco 49ers.





QB Gio Carmazzi 49ers

Gio Carmazzi

Rhein Fire quarterback Gio Carmazzi from the 49ers had put Pepe Pearson on a TD mission and CB Timothy Strickland from the Steelers didn`t have a chance.

Gio Carmazzi photos and videos



Admirals defense

Photo from Admirals defense

Quarterback Gio Carmazzi was chased by the Admirals according to instructions from Bart Andrus. " Hold them down, get physical."

In fact Gio Carmazzi was often left on his own and later he said, that he had felt like a lonesome rabbit on the run.

Head coach Pete Kuharchek had admitted, that some aspects will have to be looked after since the Admirals were jumping on the Fire qb like wrestlers.

Drew O'Connor

Photo from Amsterdam Admirals Drew O'Connor

Amsterdam Admirals Drew O'Connor celebrating his touchdown.






OC Daryl Sims

Photo from Amsterdam Admirals Daryl Sims

Amsterdam Admirals offensive coordinator Daryl Sims had been playing with the Browns and the Steelers within his NFL career.







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