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at Rhein Fire and Admirals 2006

In 2006 the Galaxy was starting slow into the season while their old rival had looked very ambitious under the new head coach Jim Tomsula, who was about to get hired by the 49ers.

Big game action came from Ola Kimrin, a former Galaxy favorite, when he had missed a chance to increase the Fire advantage early in the second half when he was wide right with a 35-yard field goal attempt.

Kicker Kimball looked better when his 49-yard attempt just made it over the crossbar to reduce the Fire lead to 10-6 with 4:52 remaining in the third quarter.

Running backs Jacque Lewis and Frederick Jackson made big plays and Henson began to find his range to get the Fire on the move as the game moved into the final quarter. But their longest drive of the game stalled when Henson threw incomplete on a fourth-down play from the Frankfurt 18.

Galaxy quarterback Bryson Spinner, who was allocated by the San Francisco 49ers, had completed only one of his first 10 passes before hitting Adam Herzing over the middle for first downs on consecutive plays.

That led to another Kimball field goal attempt that went off target from 34 yards.

The Galaxy defense blocked a 50-yard attempt by Kimrin, but they lost their final chance to win the game when Robinson�s fumble was recovered by Siddeeq Shabazz, the third Frankfurt fumble of the night.

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Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire

Another hard fought match at Fire
Game day video

At the Admirals
Game day video


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Galaxy @ Rhein Fire 2006

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Henson and Fred Jackson were some of the top stars of the Duesseldorf team. In fact, Fred Jackson was still active in the playoffs for Super Bowl 50.

CB Lenny Williams

Lenny Williams

Ambitious Lenny Williams from the Dallas Cowboys had shown 3 tackles and also Matt McGhghy from the Lions was impressive.

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WR Aaron Hosack

Aaron Hosack

Aaron Hosack had returned for his second season at Galaxy and during the game he had 1 reception for 10 yards.

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K David Kimball

David Kimball

Raiders Kicker David Kimball had contributed 2 field goals while being observed by top defender Richard Yancy.

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QB Timmy ChangTimmy Chang Eagles

Timmy Chang was allocated by the Eagles and during the game he could complete 6 from his 13 passes for 59 yards.

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CB Gabriel Helms

Gabriel Helms

Gabriel Helms came from the Chiefs to the Rhein Fire and during the game he had shown 2 tackles.

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WR Jerome Nichols

Jerome Nichols

Jerome Nichols from the Packers was locking disappointed by the end of the game though he had been one of the best defenders on the field with 4 tackles and 1 sack.

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