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Remi Ayodele
DT Minnesota Vikings

In 2006 and 2007 it had been a back and forth for Remi Ayodele between the the Ravens, Falcons and Dallas Cowboys while in between a season for the Frankfurt Galaxy had been on the agenda.

And under head coach Mike Jones Remi Ayodele had almost won the World Bowl.

In 2008 the New Orleans Saints did become the home of Remi Ayodele, where he stayed until 2010 when the Minnesota Vikings became his last and probaly best stint in the NFL.

Photos by Christian Roth


Photo from Frankfurt Galaxy Remi Ayodele Minnesota Vikings

DT Ayodele Minnesota Vikings

At the Minnesota Vikings he had shown 15 combined tackles and 1,5 sack.

Remi Ayodele

Photo from Remi Ayodele Minnesota Vikings

During his seven NFL seasons Remi Ayodele recorded 90 tackles and four sacks while his final years had been the best when starting in 13 out of his 16 games for the Minnesota Vikings in 2011 and in 16 for the New Orleans Saints in 2010.


Remi Ayodele

photo Remi Ayodele Minnesota Vikings Frankfurt Galaxy

Born on April 22, 1983 in Grand Prairie, Texas
College: Oklahoma
Height: 6-2
Weight: 318





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