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Berlin Thunder season 2003

Berlin Thunder
@ Rhein Fire 2003

28.000 fans saw a fairly close 28–21 victory of the Duesseldorf team, which had the striking receivers Charlie Adams and Kendall Newson on the field.

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Berlin Thunder @ Rhein Fire 2003

The Fire had been more efficient to win the game by 28–21.

QB Phil Stambaugh

Phil Stambaugh

Quarterback Phil Stambaugh did score a low rating of 56,6 for his 22 of 37 passes converted for 243 yards and 2 TDs.

In addition he rushed for 5 yards and 1 TD.

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QB Henry Burris

Henry Burris

Thunder quarterback Henry Burris from the Chicago Bears might have felt some sort of home pressure and could not convince as expected with a low rating of 42,3 which was based on 7 from 23 passes completed for 83 yards.

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QB Nick Rolovich

Nick Rolovich

Quarterback Nick Rolovich enjoyed connecting with WR Charlie Adams and ge reached a solid rating of 107 for his 9 of 13 passes converted for 92 yards.

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RB Autry Denson

Autry Denson

Autry Denson from the Detroit Lions Autry Denson was able to contribute 13 carries for 69 yards.

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WR Charlie Adams

Charlie Adams

Receiver Charlie Adams from the Denver Broncos had caught 4 passes for 31 yards and an early TD. In fact, Charlie Adams made it right on the front page of the NFL Europe with this great shot.

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QB Chris Greison

Chris Greison

Quarterback Chris Greison from the Dallas Cowboys was getting ready for his 17 yarrds. pass to decide the game.

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WR Kendall Newson

Kendall Newson

Kendall Newson from the Miami Dolphins had been a prime force on the field with 5 catches for 81 yards and this match breaking TD catch.

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WR Joerg Heckenbach

Joerg HeckenbachGerman National Joerg Heckenbach had 3 catches for 30 yards while TE Bryan Fletcher from the Bears caught 1 pass for 5 yards.

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RB David Allen

David Allen

David Allen had shown 15 carries for 82 yards.

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