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Several NFL starters have come to Berlin Thunder and here is a selection of many players, who have started between 1999 and 2007 such as Super Bowl champion Bryan Fletcher.

And these were the top national players.

QB Todd Husak

Todd Husak

QB Todd Husak stands for the 2002 World Bowl win at Rhein Fire.

Photos and videos

QB Jonathan Quinn

Photo from qb Jonathan Quinn

Jonathan Quinn has won the first World Bowl for the Berlin Thunder in 2001.

Photos and video interview

Photo from Ben Claxton Cardinals

Ben Claxton Cardinals

After his season at Berlin Thunder Ben Caxton had managed to get on the roster at the Atlanta Falcons and at the Arizona Cardinals.

WR Ahmad Merritt

Photo from Ahmad Merritt Chicago Bears

Ahmad Merritt had become a fine wide receiver option for the Chicago Bears over 3 NFL seasons.

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