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Browns Damon Dunn at Berlin Thunder

Damon Dunn
WR Cleveland Browns

It was hard to digest, that the New York Jets did send Damon Dunn back to the Cleveland Browns, as he had turned out to be one of the most professional NFL players, who had ever played at Rhein Fire stadium.

By the end of the NFL Europe season 2000 Damon Dunn had become the very best Berlin Thunder receiver of all times with 41 receptions for 794 yards and 6 TDs.

Right after his funky video greetings to his folks back home he did step up on the field by scoring a huge touchdown.

During the game he had all together shown 6 superb receptions for 105 yards.

Actually his wide range of entertainment skills should have been a bigger asset in the NFL.

Damon Dunn

WR Damon Dunn Browns

Damon Dunn video

Damon Dunn @ Rhein Fire 2000

Damon Dunn Browns

Born in Fort Worth, Texas on March 15 in 1976
College: Stanford
Height: 5-9
Weight: 183



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