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The Berlin Thunder story was written by 3 different head coaches of which Peter Vaas had been the one, who had given the team it's soul by winning the first pair of World Bowls in 2001 and in 2002, what has remained unmatched in the history of the NFL Europe.

At that time there wasn't much of a fan base in Berlin, but media friendly Peter Vaas had given the team a winning spirit which not even the Rhein Fire was able to break at their old wonderful Rhein Stadium.

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Photo from Peter Vaas

Peter Vaas

Photo from Wes Chandler NFL coach and player

Wes Chandler

Wes Chandler had been the head coach during the very first season in 1999.

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Rick Lantz

Rick Lantz

Rick Lantz had been the head coach until season 2007 when he got moved to Rhein Fire for a dismal closing chapter of a once brilliant team.

Back in November 2003 Rick Lantz had taken over Berlin Thunder after Peter Vaas got allocated to the Cologne Centurions.

And right away Tick Lantz kicked off with a 9:1 season and the World Bowl win, what made him become the head coach of season 2004.

Before he had been a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.


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