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Broncos Todd Husak at Berlin Thunder

Todd Husak
QB Broncos / Jets

Finest ratings and a huge performance at Rhein Fire had characterized the Berlin Thunder 2002 quarterback, who became also the all time passing leader with 2386 yards.

At the Jets and at the Redskins he had gathered experience before he served on third string QB at the Denver Broncos.

During his NFL Europe 2002 campaign Todd Husak became best quarterback of the season winning also the World Bowl.

Broncos Todd Husak

Todd Husak Broncos

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Todd Husak @ World Bowl 2002
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Statement "If I could change the World"

Comment on the FIFA World Cup

Todd Husak

Todd Husak Broncos

Born on June 7, 1978
College: Stanford
Height: 6-3
Weight: 216



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