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Frankfurt Galaxy
vs. Sea Devils 2007

It was a close win for the Galaxy with 20:17 in front of 29,091 fans which should have been taken as a serious warning as the next home game got lost against the Sea Devils, and that was the last World Bowl in NFL Europe history.

Photos by Christian Roth
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Galaxy vs. Sea Devils 2007

Galaxy head coach "commander Jones" loves to keep his yard clean and certainly he would have had preferred a clearer win than a 20:17.

Also the time of possession was almost equally shared with a 30:25 for the Galaxy and 29:35 for the Berlin Thunder.

QB Kevin Eakin

Kevin Eakin

Quarterback Kevin Eakin had shown 4 failed pass attempts for an unpleasant rating of 39.6.

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QB J. O'Sullivan

J. O'Sullivan

Quarterback J. O'Sullivan had some good protection and he completed 14 from 22 passes for 223 yards and 1 TD for a rating of 112.5 thanks to also no sack and no interception.

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QB Casey Bramlet

Casey Bramlet

Hamburg Sea Devils quarterback Casey Bramlet from the Redskins had completed 12 from 21 passes for 237 yards in addition to 7 rushing yards, 1 interception and 1 sack for a rating of 92.8.

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WR Rich Parson

Rich Parson

Receiver Rich Parson came from the Redskins and he had shown 4 kickoff returns for 120 yards in addition to 3 punt returns for 8 yards gain.

Born on May 16 in 980
College: Maryland
Height: 5-10
Weight: 183


QB Rod Rutherford

Rod Rutherford

Quarterback Rod Rutherford had been with the Carolina Panthers for the 2004 NFL season. In the game he had completed 1 from 7 passes for 12 yards in addition to his 33 rushing yards and 1 interception for an unusual rating of 0.0.

Born on December 12 in 1980 in Pittsburgh, PA
College: Pittsburgh
Height: 6-2
Weight: 223

RB Quentin Griffin

Quentin Griffin

Denver Broncos running back Quentin Griffin had gained 35 yards with 9 carries in addition to a brilliant kick off return for 79 yards.

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K Shane Andrus

Photo from K Shane Andrus

Shane Andrus was looking forward to a fine career in the NFL and 3 field goals were his contribution to the tight match.

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