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Frankfurt Galaxy
vs. Rhein Fire 1999

The raving 41.000 spectators were described as "a nice crowd" by NFL Supervisor Jack Reader and the referee team and the "young officials" had done a superb job according to what he had seen.

Anyway, the Rhein stadium was shaking while the Fire squad was highly motivated to level their defeat in Frankfurt.

But after the game they were ahead only in terms of rushing yards with 171:107 while the race for the touchdown record was kept open by Derrick Clark, who had scored one TD just like his Galaxy rival Mario Baily.

 photo head coach Dick Curl

Dick Curl pre-game interview 1999


Photo from Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire 1999

Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire 1999

Watch the old game video clip from season 1999 when 56k modems were the limit for Internet TV.

 Photo from Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire 1999

The final field goal

All concentration didn`t help and Washington Redskins safety David Terrell was rushing in vain to disturb Kicker Ralf Kleinmann.

Also Cedric Donaldson jumped higher than ever before.

But Kicker Ralf Kleinmann kept cool and scored the winning field goal.

The Protagonists

Photo from Frankfurt Galaxy vs Rhein Fire 1999

No. 94 Kendrick Gholston had been allocated by the Dallas Cowboys, No. 79 was David Sutton and No. 20 Curtis Gallick had come from the Seahawks.



K Ralf Kleinmann

Frankfurt Galaxy kicker Ralf Kleinmann

German Kicker Ralf Kleinmann had become the living nightmare for the Rhein Fire Fans in season 99. Not only for his match breaking last minute field goal, but also for his "missed" field goal attempt later on against Barcelona, which saved his Galaxy from meeting the Rhein Fire once again at their home stadium for the World Bowl.

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QB Jake Delhomme

Frankfurt Galaxy Jake Delhomme

Revolutionary had been Dick Curl's quarterback duo which was called the double headed monster, consisted out of Jake Delhomme and Pat Barnes.

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HC Dick Curl

Frankfurt Galaxy Dick Curl

Head Coach Dick Curl and his wife Beverly must have enjoyed their visit to the Rhein a lot after the unexpected World Bowl loss in 98, when the "Mad Bomber" had managed to bounce back with two wins in 99 against Galen Hall and his Fire.

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QB Jim Arellanes

Frankfurt Galaxy Rhein Fire 1999 Jim Arellanes

Quarterback Jim Arellanes had scored one TD, 158 passing yards and 35 rushing yards.

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RB Derrick Clark

Frankfurt Galaxy Rhein Fire 1999 Derrick Clark

Although taken off the field early for injury reasons, Derrick Clark had at least added another 59 yards to his amazing records while the game had ended with a 20:21 win for the Galaxy.

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HC Galen Hall

Frankfurt Galaxy Rhein Fire 1999 Galen Hall

Frankfurt Galaxy had defeated the Rhein Fire and head coach Galen Hall and his team were highly frustrated about having missed their ticket for a World Bowl 99 seat at their home stadium despite their 6-4 record.

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