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Scottish Claymores
at Rhein Fire 2003

In the end the Fire offense had been too fast and in both games they scored over 30 points.

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Claymores vs. Rhein Fire

Scottish Claymores 2003 at Rhein Fire

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Claymores at Rhein Fire 2003

Craig Nall was not allowed much space during the game.

QB Craig Nall

Photo from Green Bay Packers Craig Nall

Quarterback Craig Nall was fighting and trying hard, to get his offense going. But only 4 minutes possession time in the first quarter were a sad result for the Hounds of Scotland.

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Claymores offense

Photo from the Claymores offense

During the fourth quarter the Scottish Claymores offense and Craig Nall were looking better than in the first quarter.





QB Shane Stafford

Photo from Shane Stafford

Quarterback Shane Stafford from the Patriots did run for 12 yards besides completing 11 from 18 passes for 96 yards and 1 TD resulting in a fairly low rating of only 54,2, because he got intercepted twice. In fact he never made it into the NFL, but he became a star in the Arena League.

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CB Tony Lukins

Photo from Tony Lukins

Cornerback Tony Lukins from the Oakland Raiders was able to intercept one of qb Shane Stafford`s passes and to convert it into 13 yards.




OC Mike Jones

Photo Mike Jones

Offensive coordinator Mike Jones had brought in some highly efficient wide receivers.

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K Ingo Anderbruegge

Ingo Anderbruegge

Kicker Ingo Anderbruegge is a local soccer hero for Schalke 04 who was playing in his first NFL Europe season.





QB Nick Rolovich

Photo from QB Nick Rolovich

Quarterback Nick Rolovich preparing for his 33 yards TD pass to WR Kendall Newson from the Miami Dolphins.

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QB Chris Greison

Photo from QB Chris Greison

Quarterback Chris Greison completed 6 from 11 passes for 54 yards and 2 TDs combined with 1 interception what had given him a rating of 69,7.

And on the photo he was throwing for a TD scored by WR Charlie Adams.

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WR Kendall Newson

Kendall Newson Dolphins

Kendall Newson was expected to become a strong asset for the team and so he did.


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RB Frank Moreau

Frank Moreau

Running back Frank Moreau from the Kansas City Chiefs did impress with 18 carries for 96 yards.


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