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Frankfurt Galaxy
at Rhein Fire 2003

While the Rhein Fire had lost their momentum in Frankfurt the Galaxy was gathering vast amounts of confidence for a third meeting in the World Bowl.

Galaxy coaches on video

photo head coach Dick Curl

Before the match Frankfurt Galaxy head coach Doug Graber had once again reached a 6–4 season but this time it was sufficient.

Doug Graber pre-game interview 2003

 Galaxy vs. Rhein Fire

Watch the original game video clip from season 2003 when 56k modems were the bottleneck for Internet TV.


James Brown - Jonas Lewis TDnext button

James Brown - Jonas Lewis TD

RB Jonas Lewis was kind of sneaking over the line after his 3 yards run for the first TD of the game.

James Brown - Jonas Lewis TD

QB Quinn Gray

Quinn Gray from the Jacksonville Jaguars came up with a fine performance that was rated with 107,6 after 7 from 12 passes completed for an amazing 206 yards and two TDs. In particular one pass for 82 yards had been more than remarkable.

But also RT Kendrick Rogers from the Cardinals had again justified his starting role.

More Quinn Gray photos and info

K Ralf Kleinmann

Ralf Kleinmann Frankfurt Galaxy

Kicker Ralf Kleinmann had shown drastic improvements compared to week 5.

More from Ralf Kleinmann



WR Marc Lester

WR Marc Lester

Ravens' receiver Marc Lester had converted a 61 yards pass from Quinn Gray into a TD.




Rhein Fire coaches

LB Charles Burton

Defensive coordinator Ed O`Neil and his head coach Pete Kuharchek had not been able to get their team running in that lovely sunshine weather at Wald Stadium.



Rhein Fire defense

Rhein Fire defense

Rarely a Rhein Fire defense had looked so depressed and only a few weeks before the Galaxy had not been able to score more than 7 points.





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