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@ Rhein Fire 2000

Very spectacular was Danny Wuerffel, who got sacked 3 times in the first half and some substantial improvements were badly needed in the secomd half.

But then Danny Wuerffel started to work like a horse in order to turn the game. Efficient was the decision to add a few rushing yards and he made some 29 with 8 attempts at some very important moments.

Not very hot at all were the two running backs Ontiwaun Carter, who had only contributed 19 yards while RB Pepe Pearson had scored as little as 20 yards.

So it was up to Danny Wuerffel to earn himself a World Bowl berth as a birthday present to himself, the team and to all the raving Rhein Fire fans.

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photo Peter Vaas

Peter Vaas pre-game interview
Video Interview


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Thomas Guynes & Chris Brymer

Berlin Thunder's OL Thomas Guynes and Dallas Cowboys Chris Brymer had played a hard fought match.

But meanwhile the Rhein Fire World Bowl Champion is badly in need of help from some friends and perhaps someone might be able to give him a hand.

Chris Brymer story with video interviews

Kresser & Wuerfel

Eric Kresser and Danny Wuerffel

Quarterback chats before the game were unusual, but here Eric Kresser and Danny Wuerffel were enjoying the warm springtime sun at the good old Rhein Fire Stadium.




Thunder offense

Berlin Thunder offense

In the first half of the game the Berlin Thunder offense had been extremely forceful with 258 total net yards in comparison to some poor 80 yards achieved by the Rhein Fire.




WR Kevin Drake

Kevin Drake Rhein Fire

Wide receiver Kevin Drake had caught 6 passes for 78 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Kevin Drake photos and videos




Milanovich vs. Ferguson

Photo from Nick Ferguson

Highly aggressive had been safety Nick Ferguson, who always had a close eye on the two Thunder quarterbacks Scott Milanovich and Eric Kresser.




Danny Wuerffel & Galen Hall

Photo from Danny Wuerffel Galen Hall

Danny Wuerffel and his head coach Galen Hall were working hard on finding solutions against a very strong Berlin Thunder team.




Bob Bicknell

Photo from Berlin Thunder Bob Bicknell

Berlin Thunder had Jack Bicknell's son Bob Bicknell on their coaching team.





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